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World famous Glenn Miller Orchestra pre-Christmas tour conducted by Wil Salden

Autumn Jazz brings Manu Delago and Terry Bozzio to Estonia!

Autumn Jazz taking place from 11 September to 3 November will bring the world’s best hang drum player Many Delago and Terry Bozzio’s world’s biggest tuned drum set to Estonia.

Attention! CANCELLED: Today at 13.00 Dance Celebration II performance is cancelled

The promoters of Dance Celebration have been decided to cancel the II performance at 13.00 beginning time. Ticket to Dance Celebration II performance will be valid on Song Festival at July 2nd and ticket buyers can enjoy the performance on main ground.

Christmas Jazz 2017 headlined by Grammy nominated singer STACEY KENT!

American jazzsinger Stacey Kent is highly successful and deeply loved on jazzstages all around the world. The star’s beautiful and rich voice captivates the audience from the very first moments and her concerts on the world’s most prestigious jazzstages are often sold out. The Grammy nominated artist takes the Christmas Jazz stage together with her saxophonist husband Jim Tomlinson and the jazzorchestra of our dreams Estonian Dream Big Band. Tickets to the concert on 2nd of December in Tallinn on sale now!


Sales start on 17.04.2017 10:00

Information on returns concerning Eros Ramazzotti concert

Piletilevi has received confirmation that Herman Stage Co SIA, the promoter company of Eros Ramazzotti concert, has won in Moscow Court of Arbitration. According to court decision company Global Communication (that signed a contract with the performer) is obliged to compensate to Herman Stage Co SIA for losses incurred by the 18th of January 2018.

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World famous Glenn Miller Orchestra pre-Christmas tour conducted by Wil Salden

Tickets now available at Piletilevi – till the end of March the tickets are -15%!

While being in such an anticipation for the upcoming Christmas holidays the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra conducted by Wil Salden will surprise us with a little treat by coming to Estonia. The atmosphere at the concert will take you to the origins of jazz - into the days of black-and-white movies, bigbands, swing and vinyl records. In addition to the instrumental jazz compositions that have already conquered the whole world, the orchestra's repertoire includes some vocal compositions. 
Five saxophones, four trumpets, four trombones, bass, drums and a piano create a stunning sound of eternal music of Glenn Miller. The famous jazz band will play the compositions by the best artists of the centuries.
Glenn Miller Orchestra’s performances, which are the symbol of jazz, are always excellent and flawless, and a visit to this concert is considered to be very prestigious and cultural.
Orchestra's repertoire consists of both  - works by Miller himself as well as compositions by the very famous Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and other classics. And of course as always, "Moonlight Serenade" from the movie "Sun Valley Serenade" will be performed. All this can not get any better – all this gives us a sneak peak into the glamorous 30s. "Moonlight Serenade" is considered to be Glenn Miller Orchestra's business card or even an anthem.
Because of the inability to physically perform the popular and loved music by Glenn Miller all around the globe to everyone at the same time only three licensed bands were created which were given the right to bear the name of the great musician. Orchestra conducted by Salden is the only one having rights to work in Europe. Salden gathered the most powerful Western European musicians who play jazz excellently – just like Miller would have wanted, because his musicians stood at the origins of the orchestra and made his name known to the world.
Miller founded his own orchestra in 1937. At first the orchestra did not attract much interest but Miller did not give up. In 1938 his plans and hard work paid off and the orchestra became the highest paid one in the world, as well as the the most popular one in the late 30s till the early 40s. This fantastic and unprecedented popularity of the jazz orchestra has not faded til this day.
By the way, according to legend this unique and definitely recognizable sound of the orchestra was actually born by accident. During a concert the trumpeter injured his lip and the musician with the clarinet had to pick up his game. This is the story of Glenn Miller and now Wil Salden's orchestra is ready to follow in the footsteps.