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Kokkoflava (FIN/FRA) - 'TEMPO' / Nick Byrne (AUS) - 'Inspireeritud'

Th 21/09/2017 20:45
Katariina kirik, Tallinn
8.00 - 12.00
The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival presents:
Kokkoflava (FIN/FRA) - “TEMPO”
Nick Byrne (AUS) - "Inspired"

The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival takes place on 21-23 September at St.Catherine’s Church! Improv differs from classical theatre in that the entire performance is invented on the spot, inspired from suggestions given by the audience. Every performance is unique and will never be seen again, because it's not possible to improvise the same story twice. Tilt brings you the best improv actors and teachers from Estonia and all over the  world! Tilt: Theatre like never before! (And also never again.) 

Kokkoflava (FIN/FRA) - “TEMPO”
NB! The performance is in English.

Kokkoflava will bring their format TEMPO to the festival and play with tempo, volume and rhythm. How will the terms such as crescendo and diminuendo be discovered on stage? How does the tempo of the performance affect individual scenes, the different characters and the relationship of the two improvisers? This piece of improvisational theatre will get its inspiration from the rhythm of the music, people, heartbeat, time or a simple metronome to guide this improvising duo to their tempo.
Kokkoflava is a French-Finnish duo of mixed free form. Kaisa Kokko is from Finland and Flavien Reppert is from France and together they will explore the endless possibilities of improvisational theatre.

Nick Byrne (AUS) - "Inspired"
NB! The performance is in English.

Nick Byrne is genuinely inspired by you!

Artistic Director of Australia's international festival of unscripted theatre "Improvention", Nick interviews audience members on stage, and is inspired by what they say about themselves, to break into spontaneous songs, monologues, and solo theatre. An on-the-edge solo cabaret that will warm your heart and tickle your funny bone. Based in Canberra, Australia, Nick has been a professional musician, actor, director, producer, and improviser, over decades, states, and continents. The creator of dozens of unscripted show structures, some of which have been performed at improv festivals across the globe, his engaging interview technique has been generously reviewed, which led to the the idea of performing “Inspired".

Now, he brings together the musical flexibility of his hit improvised band drama "Crescendo", the empathetic authenticity of his analogy for refugee stories "The Displaced", and the comic second-nature that brought him to unscripted theatre in the first place, and combines them in a variety-packed cabaret that you will both inspire, and be inspired by.

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Kokkoflava (FIN/FRA) - 'TEMPO' / Nick Byrne (AUS) - 'Inspireeritud' Th 21/09/2017 20:45 Katariina kirik, Tallinn 8.00 - 12.00
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