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Ruutu 10 (EST) - 'T & R' / MIC (RUS) - '1,2,3 Läksime'

Th 21/09/2017 19:00
Katariina kirik, Tallinn
8.00 - 12.00
The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival presents:
Ruutu10 (EST) - “T&R”
Moscow Improv Club (RUS) - “1, 2, 3 Poyekhali!”

The Fifth Annual Tilt International Improv Festival takes place on 21-23 September at St. Catherine’s Church! Improv differs from classical theatre in that the entire performance is invented on the spot, inspired from suggestions given by the audience. Every performance is unique and will never be seen again, because it's not possible to improvise the same story twice. Tilt brings you the best improv actors and teachers from Estonia and all over the world! Tilt: Theatre like never before! (And also never again.)

Ruutu10 (EST) - “T&R”
NB! The performance is in Estonian.

Rauno and Toivo will embark on a journey to discover how an idea inspires the action and how that action becomes an exciting storyline. Different characters dive into captivating twisters of scenic events, not knowing where it will lead them. Humorous points of views, unexpected revelations, and gripping relations will surprise us on every step of the way.

Toivo Värbu and Rauno Meronen are improvisers from Ruutu10. They started their duo show in the spring of 2016. Rauno says: “We did not have much of a vision about how the format should look like. Toivo wants more of a TJ & Dave style slow comedy, whereas I would like a Middleage Comeback style sweaty chaos. So we are somewhere in between, sometimes one way, the other time another way.“


Moscow Improv Club (RUS) - “1, 2, 3 Poyekhali!”
NB! The performance is in English.

Yes, improv does exist in Russia!
Moscow Improv Club is made up of Dina, Yegor, Anna, Yura, and Josh, who are all in love with the art of improvisation. They are excited to bring their favourite format - short-form improv - to TILT and since it's their first international festival, they are ready for anything! So are you ready for some Russian improv? Come and check them out!

Moscow Improv Club (MIC) is the first and the only community in Moscow, Russia, that performs improv in English. Not only is it a troupe of improvisers who perform in the heart of Moscow on a weekly basis, but it's also an international community whose aim is to develop improv in Russia. Through staging shows, teaching classes, and leading workshops they are making improv accessible for everyone.

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Ruutu 10 (EST) - 'T & R' / MIC (RUS) - '1,2,3 Läksime' Th 21/09/2017 19:00 Katariina kirik, Tallinn 8.00 - 12.00
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Vene tn 12/14 Tallinn Põhja-Eesti Estonia
Ramp MTÜ
Tuha 5-23 Tallinn Harjumaa