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Viljandi pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVAPASS reede

Fr 28/07/2017 13:00
32.00 - 36.00
Important information:

·         The festival pass and day pass grant entry to all the outdoor concerts and (subject to availability) the concerts which take place in the Traditional Music Center and St John's Church.

·         NB! To avoid long lines locally, it is required to buy a 2€ extra ticket for all the concerts taking place in Traditional Music Center. That provides you a seat in the hall.

·         Both festival and day passes are exchanged for wristbands in the tickets and pass centre which is located near the main festival gate on Vabaduse Square. The ticket and pass centre is open 12.00-02.00.

·         All children under the age of 12 (included) can visit the festival for free. In order to prevent problems which might arise from determining the age of your child, we ask you kindly to visit the ticket and pass centre when you arrive at the festival area where the children are provided with wristbands upon presenting a document proving their eligibility.

·         The youngster's festival and day passes are for students aged 13-26 (included). The youngster's passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting proof of age and student status.

·         The pensioner's day passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting the pension certificate.

·         The number of festival passes, day passes and youngster's passes is limited.

·         The festival area is not accessible to any animal, including animals held in cages and/or bags.

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Event Date / Time Venue Price  
Viljandi pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVAPASS reede Fr 28/07/2017 13:00 VILJANDI LINN 32.00 - 36.00
Price information

To the tickets bought online a service fee of 0.50 € per ticket is applied

Päevapassid on eelmüügis soodsama hinnaga kui festivali ajal.
Eelmüügi ajal kehtib soodushind noortele, pensionäridele, erivajadusega kliendileja represseritutele. Festivali ajal soodustusi ei ole.

Hinnad eelmüügist:
Reede, 28. juuli

Hind: 36€
Päevapass (noor 13-26/ pensionär/ represseeritu/ erivajadusega klient) 32
Erivajadusega kliendi saatja pääseb festvalile tasuta
Soodushind TELIA kliendile*:27€
Sooduspakkumine muutub avalikuks 12.detsembril Telia kodulehe aadressil:

Hinnad festivali ajal:
Reede, 28. juuli

Hind festivali päeval: 38€
Soodushind TELIA kliendile*:28,5

*TELIA on festivali suurtoetaja ning pakub oma TELIA klientidele võimalust osta festivali passi ja päevapassi tavahinnast soodsamalt.

Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus MTÜ
Eesti Pärimusmuusika Keskus MTÜ
Tasuja pst 6 Viljandi 71011 Viljandimaa