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Esimene kontakt / First contact

We 18/01/2017 19:00
Kino Artis, Saal 1, Tallinn
Past event

FIRST CONTACT (a Zia Films and Bashar Communications
Production) is a unique documentary, narrated by Oscar-nominated
and Golden Globe winning actor JAMES WOODS, that tells the true
story of Darryl Anka’s UFO encounters that led him to channel an
extraterrestrial being known as BASHAR, who delivers messages to
prepare Earth for contact with another civilization.

The film does not only explore the potential positive impact of ET contact
on our society, but also demystifies channeling, the medium through
which Darryl is able to communicate with the inter-dimensional being. 

FIRST CONTACT will not only astound the audience with startling
eyewitness accounts and scientific evidence, but the film also explores
many of the questions we’ve been asking for millennia: Why are we
here? What’s the nature of existence? Where are we headed?

Bashar answers these questions via channeling and, accompanied by
state-of-the-art graphics, explains how the universe works and how
each person creates the reality they experience.

Over the past three decades, thousands of individuals around the
globe have listened to Bashar’s messages and have had the
opportunity to apply these principles in their lives and create the
reality that they desire.

FIRST CONTACT presents interviews that cover a wide variety of
related topics, such as how ETs might travel from their star system to
ours, what kind of changes happen in the brain when someone
channels and whether learning the language of dolphins can help us
communicate with beings from the stars. 

Whether or not one believes that Darryl is truly channeling an
extraterrestrial, FIRST CONTACT is a thought-provoking journey into
realms of consciousness beyond the ordinary and forces us to reexamine
our deeply held beliefs about reality and our place in the universe.

FIRST CONTACT proposes that we are not alone and that Truth is
Stranger Than Fiction.


Answered by writer-director-producer Darryl Anka

What is FIRST CONTACT about?

First Contact is a documentary about the two UFO sightings I had that
led me to channel telepathic messages from an extraterrestrial being
we call “Bashar” who delivers messages designed to prepare Earth for
contact with his and other ET civilizations.

How do we know it is a true story?

No one has to believe Bashar is real. I can’t prove he exists. However,
my journey and experience is true and, in the documentary, we also
interview the other people who witnessed the UFO sightings with me.

Who is Bashar?

Bashar presents himself as a member of an extraterrestrial civilization
from a reality parallel to ours. In their advanced society, they’re
telepathic and don’t need names, so “Bashar” is just a word derived
from my Middle-Eastern heritage and it simply means “messenger.”

Is there evidence that ET’s exist?

I believe there’s a lot of evidence, both physical, photographic and in
the existence of thousands of eyewitness accounts of UFOs and nonterrestrial beings. Most people who believe there’s barely any
evidence haven’t investigated the subject thoroughly enough in my opinion.

What is channeling?

Channeling is a natural altered state that every person not only has
the ability to achieve, but most people often do experience. Whenever
you’re doing what you love to do, acting on your passion, expressing
love, creativity, being “in the zone” or even experiencing deep
meditation can be representative of the channeling state. Brain waves
shift to a frequency called “Gamma,” somewhere between 40 to 100
cycles per second, which allows the mind to function at a higher level
of connectivity, insight and awareness than our ordinary waking state.

What is a Contactee?

Anyone on Earth who’s had a close encounter and direct interaction
with an ET. According to my research, such meetings are rarely
random and seem to serve some purpose, either having to do with
preparing for contact or some other part of a larger “program”
involving Earth and other worlds.

How do you separate yourself from the being known as

Anyone who experiences me and then experiences Bashar can
instantly tell that our personalities and mannerisms are distinctly
different. I have no trouble telling my own energy and sense of self
from his.

What is the main purpose of the film?

There are three main reasons we made FIRST CONTACT: First, to
demystify the concept of channeling, second, to explain who Bashar is
and deliver his information to a wider audience and third, to propose
that these messages may be preparing humanity for open contact with
another civilization. If people walk away from the film questioning and
pondering the possibility that we’re not alone in the universe just a bit
more deeply than before, I feel the film will have served its purpose.

How do you know that we will inevitably be contacted by a
benevolent civilization from another star system? 

If Bashar is real and is who he says he is, then we’ve already been
contacted by such a civilization. We’re assuming, based on Bashar’s
messages, that contact through channeling, UFO sightings and other
means will eventually lead to physical contact if and when our society
becomes ready for such a change.

When will this occur?

Bashar has said there’s a good probability that the initial steps of open
contact could begin sometime between 2025 and 2033, certainly
within my lifetime.

Why is this film important?

First, I believe the film is timely in that it reflects a growing awareness
of the UFO phenomenon. Recent polls indicate that nearly half of all
Americans polled believe UFOs are likely to be alien visitations. If it’s
true, then it’s important to prepare our world to face that reality. 

How can I get more information about BASHAR?

You can find out more about Bashar and his information at


The trailer is at
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Esimene kontakt / First contact We 18/01/2017 19:00 Kino Artis, Saal 1, Tallinn
Past event
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