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Sa 21/01/2017 12:00
Teatri Kodu, Lutsu 2, Tartu
A story of a girl in a red hood who was going to bring cake for her old grandmother.


Authors The Brothers Grimm
Dramatiser and producer Veikko Täär
Stage designer Marge Martin
Musical designer Toomas Lunge
Lighting designer Tauri Kötsi

Cast Kärt Tammjärv, Ragne Pekarev / Inga Lunge, Külliki Saldre / Helje Soosalu , Reimo Sagor / Veikko Täär, Raivo Adlas

The story of a little girl with a red cape who went to see her sickly grandmother to take her some cake is probably familiar to everyone. It is, indeed, one of the most well-known fairytales in the world that – as fairytales usually do – started out as a folk tale at least a thousand years ago and that has a countless number of variants. The children in Estonia may either take the version written down by Charles Perrault’s as well as that of the Brothers Grimm from a bookshelf, and then come to see the play at Theatre House.

It is more than 30 years since the last staging of Little Red Riding Hood (1982) in Vanemuine and there is a connection to the present production. Namely, the producer at the time, Raivo Adlas, and Kais Adlas who played the role of the fox, also take part in the present production, however, in completely different roles. For the producer Veikko Täär this is his first production at Vanemuine.

Premiere 15.11.2014, the Theatre House.
In Estonian.

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Punamütsike Sa 21/01/2017 12:00 Teatri Kodu, Lutsu 2, Tartu 9.00
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Lutsu 2 Tartu Lõuna-Eesti Estonia
Teater Vanemuine SA
Teater Vanemuine SA
Vanemuise 6 Tartu 51003 Tartumaa