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Festival Darkland Fire VII / Festivali pass

Sa 10/12/2016 18:00 - Su 11/12/2016 03:00
Erinevad kohad
Music festival Darkland Fire VII

This year we are proud to present the following excellent musicians at the festival:

Two Witches is a pioneer of Finland goth rock scene and inernationally a reference name of the Gothic Rock from the 90’s. The band was founded in 1987 and is still active today.  People who were involved in the scene of that time know for sure such classics as: “Hungry Eyes”, “Requiem”, “Bites and Bloody Kisses” ,”Irresistible”, “Dead Dog’s Howl” etc. Talking about Two Witches is to talk about a band with an impressive career, lots of records, too many goth rock classics which appear in lots of compilation albums, their records have been edited in different countries around the world, and they have toured in too many countries. This is one of those definitive bands of the 90’s Gothic Rock, because they represent all about the Gothic of that era.
Members: Jyrki Virtanen, Alarik Valamo, Aleksi Keränen, Marko Hautamäki, Jaana Helaakoski, Heidi Pulkkinen.

SPIRITUAL FRONT from Italy is a very well-known act within the dark scene. The band is fronted by Simone "Hellvis" Salvatori, who has described their music as "nihilist suicide pop". The music can also be described as a mixture of melancholic folk, tango, rock and neoclassical. The performance at the festival main concert night will be a solo performance of Simone Salvatori. From dark, wailing experimental folk in the beginning, the sound began to transform and grow, to where it is now compared to the work of Nick Cave, Swans, and Scott Walker. 

VOLOK (Ukraine)
Volok is an innovative and interesting dark ambient,  neofolk, pagan-drone one-man band from Kyiev, Ukraine. The band started in 2015, but has already released two albums in bandcamp.
Member:  Artur Mohylevskyi

Chaos Research is an electro-acoustic avant-garde act that combines elements from classical and electronic music and fuses them together with touches of German dark wave thrown in.
Chaos Research was founded in Berlin, Germany in October 2003 as an experimental side project of Marko "Gravehill" Hautamäki from such bands as Majesty, Two Witches, ex-SinMasters and ex-Shade Factory, among others. The musical style could be described as a combination of dark ambient, electronic and classical music. 
In July 2012 vocalist Sanna Keltaniemi joined the line-up. Since then Chaos Research has been performing regularly in Scandinavian countries. On July 28th, 2015 Chaos Research closed a recording deal with Finnish record label Gothic Music Records and the 3rd album, entitled simply "Three" came out in February 2016.
Members: Marko Hautamäki, Sanna Keltaniemi 

The birth of industrial incantation by Erik Alalooga results from a force that is formulated of inner rhythms and surface vibrations of the machine. Of transmissibility of immediate physical impulses. Of mechanical skid mark. Of recurrences and errors. Of deformation, of entrapment, of random synchronizations, and of harsh poetry.

NEMUER (Czech/Norway)
Nemuer is an atmospheric dark folk ambient duo originally from the Czech Republic.
Since 2014 Michael Mist and Katarina Pomorska’s main aim has been to immerse the listeners into the world of dark fantasy, eerie dreams, and mystical atmosphere.
Nemuer’s soundtrack music features grim captivating tones of acoustic guitar, primordial chanting, female soprano, traditional and unique instruments, and unusual harmonies. Nemuer's unconventional emotional music will transport you into a different world - world of dark fantasy, ancient civilizations, druids and gods. Its atmosphere feels like a very strange but a very interesting dream. A combination of special ethnic instruments (such as jaw-harp, didgeridoo), deep vocals (and throat singing), gentle female soprano and haunting tones of acoustic guitar evokes extra-ordinary vivid images and feelings in the listeners. It is even enlarged by the fact that the vocals do not contain any known language and therefore seems to be somehow prehistorically distant and inexplicably familiar at the same time.
Their two recent albums from the upcoming octalogy are interconnected with the dark fantasy novel Michael is currently working on. Each album corresponds to one chapter of the book, which builds to create a singularly intense experience.

Estonian guitarist, producer and singer Mauno Meesit is expressing himself through minimalist instrumentals and heartfelt songs. On his latest instrumental album „Varjudemaa“ Meesit shows his love for old acoustic instruments, guitar feedback and warm drones of echo machines.
During 2015 Meesit released his third album „Closer“ and wrote original music for Estonian TV series „Varjudemaa“. In 2016 „Varjudemaa“ soundtrack album was released on vinyl by Grainy Records. Previously he has released two albums on German Accession Records under his electronic music moniker "Sinine". Meesit has also written music for several theatre plays and TV series, and has been featured at Estonian Music awards and radio charts since 2009
Previosly he performed in 2012 Darkland Fire festival with his band Sinine supported on stage by well-known Swedish singer Ann-Mari Thim.

"Music Video of The Year" at San Francisco Epidemic Film Festival 2013
"Electronic Music Artist of The Year" nomination at Estonian Music Awards 2010
"Newcomer of The Year" Estonian Music Awards 2009

EMPHASIS acoustic (Estonia)
Emphasis is a progressive metal act from Estonia formed in 2010 by bassist Katya Gritskova and guitarist Pavel Korotaev.  All members of the band are young Russians living in Estonia. Music of Emphasis is a synthesis of classical harmonies, expressive heavy guitar riffs, unique rhythmic traditions, delicate melodic sequences and powerful operatic voice of their amazing frontwoman Anna Ganina who joined the band in 2013. Over the years Emphasis have played dozens of shows in Estonia, Latvia and Finland, released several singles and EP mini-album «Into Infinity» which received positive feedback from reviewers around the world. The debut recording of Anna as part of Emphasis - the song "Hopeless" was entered to the international compilation "Ladies First". In 2015 the band signed a contract for their debut full-length album release with Italian label Underground Symphony (Sabaton, Labyrinth, Skylark, Powerquest, Shadow Of Steel etc). “Revival” consists of 8 songs and one bonus track and it is a masterpiece for fans of Within Temptation, Nightwish and Opeth. The album released on April 15 in deluxe digipack edition through Underground Symphony Records. At the festival Darkland Fire they will perform a rare acoustic set.

STROPS (Latvia)
Strops is one of the legends of Latvian industrial music scene. Contemporary corporative media have a tendency to arrest society's attention and when it is captured - infect it. This is an ideal environment for cultivating phobias and panic, when the infected individual gets in contact with environment, which does not correspond to the coded standards of security. STROPS (beehive) is occupied with breaking these codes, using the unused arms of media arsenal for creating new space, where these arms are turned against their creators. Band was active 1998 till 2008, but now in the festival Darkland Fire you have the opportunity to see that legendary project live again.

THINNER (Latvia)
Thinner is a rhythmic noise project from Rīga, Latvia, started in 2007.
It is a pulsing electroise charge with projectiles of grinding beats, caustic tunes and noxious verbal messages. Heeding senseless acquiescing to throes for greater good - a job that gets on your nerves and wastes your life, relationships with people you are forced to have, reconciliation with removable evils - hazards we all submit to.

Latvian band Speedwald describe their music style as crime ambient/kgb techno/kkk blues/morgue karaoke/murder ballads/mental hospital soundtrack/voices in the head/serial killer on the beach. Speedwald is a project of the writer and musician Edmunds Frīdvalds, who has been active in different Latvian industrial music projects since 1994.

Jaana Helaakoski aka  DJ Zynthexia is internationally the most well-known Finnish female industrial/gothic DJ. She is also a club promoter, keyboardist, percussionist and alternative model. DJ since 2005, so far lots of gigs in 13 different countries including Austria, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. Zynthexia is also an active concert organizer and one of the Lumous Gothic Festival organizers. Zynthexia has modelled for alternative clothing stores, photographers, hair stylists, CD album covers, event posters and flyers etc.

With the festival all day ticket FREE entrance to the official warm-up party Darkland Night at small hall of Kultuurikeskus on 9th December at 21:00 and to the concert Darkland Fire Advent: TWO WITCHES acoustic at Rakvere Church on 11th December at 14:00 .
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