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NÄITUS B (ZA) Talveöö unenägu 2016

Mo 05/12/2016 17:00 - Sa 10/12/2016 23:59
10.70 - 16.00
EXHIBIT B (ZA) / Festival Midwinter Night's Dream 2016: Plan B

Brett Bailey

Concept and direction: Brett Bailey
Choir (Windhoek, Namibia): Chris Nekongo, Melvin Dupont, Avril Nuuyoma, Michael Beukes

Performances: 5th-10th December
Duration: 20 minutes
In English, Estonian and Russian.

Brett Bailey’s “Exhibit B” brings to us a daring representation of the “human zoos” shown in Norway a hundred years ago, using real people just like us. How much has changed in us in the last 100 years? What’s the measure of humanity? “Exhibit B” is a performance that can be seen in a short amount of time but its haunting effect is long-lasting. This production from 2010 has already been shown at theatre festivals in Vienna, Avignon, Edinburgh and Brussels.

“Confronting us with the appalling realities of Europe’s colonial past – the stuff I definitely wasn’t taught at school – isn’t just some kind of guilt trip. It reminds us that most history is hidden from view; it reminds that Britain’s 21st-century ways of seeing are still strongly skewed by 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century colonial attitudes.” *****

“terrible and magnificent… should run for several months so that all government ministers and scholars can attend.”

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