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Fr 03/11/2017 19:00
14.00 - 18.00

BIG DATA is a performance that questions today’s world and the digital revolution we’re experiencing. The massive collection and exchanging of personal data is leading us into a new era where everything is possible. Remarkable benefits have come from this technology, changing the way we interact; medical data for treatment and disease control, for example, and urban technology that can help manage sustainable development. But we also face the risk of losing everything, of seeing our privacy and anonymity disappear, and living in a fully controlled society. To try express this phenomenon on stage, everything will intermingle with each other: the actor with the dancer, singer, director, musician will all collaborate in creating the piece. It’s a matter of feeding off of one another; a fusion of cannibalism and contamination, an orgy of the senses. It all merges to form BIG DATA. At center stage, video images will be projected on a large sphere. Sometimes we see an ocean, a snowy mountain, a planet, a desert, a war zone, or a beating heart. It represents the world’s sensitive flow of movement, but also this mysterious crystal ball in which one can read the future. The dancers’ bodies will struggle and fight as we do every day in our lives to find our path, only ending up like goldfish trapped in a jar. We want to recreate this in describable, conflicting feeling. The older generation has experienced another world before the digital addiction. We still have memories of a very different rhythm of life; to open a book next to the fireplace, for example. But the world is moving towards something new, and artificial intelligence is becoming more and more apparent. Is all of this for better or for worse? How long will our souls actually belong to us?

Permormance is in English, with subtitles in Estonian, Russian and French.


Director Alexandre Zeff
Director's assistant Nele Suisalu
Dramaturge Antoine Hamel
Artictic councellor Claudia Dimier
Choreography Teet Kask
Benjamin Gabrie Scenography
Light Design Priidu Adlas
Sound Design Argo Vals
Video Design Alyona Movko
Actors Mirtel Pohla and Jarmo Reha
Dancers Marita Weinrank, Jevgeni Grib

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