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Sa 03/02/2018 19:00
Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn
7.00 - 25.00
November 25 and 29, 2017 in the Estonian National Opera

Dance miniatures

Artistic Director, Designer: Thomas Edur
Lighting Designer: Malle Valli

Within the first part of the ballet evening you will see a dazzling gala of classical and contemporary ballet highlights: “Sharps and Flats” by Yevgeny Grib, “Una lacrima sul viso” by Marina Kesler, “La valse à mille temps” by Triinu Leppik-Upkin, duet from Gianluca Schiavoni’s ballet “Medea”, duet from Thomas Edur’s ballets “Modigliani – the Cursed Artist” and “Silent Monologues”, trio from Tiit Helimets’ ballet “Time” among others. The miniatures are performed by Anatoli Arhangelski, Andrea Fabbri, Luana Georg, Jevgeni Grib, Heidi Kopti, Marta Navasardyan, Nanae Maruyama, Ketlin Oja ja Sergei Upkin.

Choreographer: Marina Kesler
Music: Arvo Pärt
Designer: Andréa T. Haamer (Sweden)
Lighting Designer: Neeme Jõe
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on February 10, 2011

Marina Kesler’s ballet is inspired by one of the most captivating and exciting dramas of all times – William Shakespeare’s “Othello” and by Arvo Pärt’s music. Our daily life does not pass uneventful and everyone has something to learn. But when do we lose control of our fate, so that our fate becomes in control of us? The production stresses the timelessness of human nature and depicts people’s ability of making choices. The moment of decision is preceded by a borderline state, where it is still possible to choose the line of action – good or bad. In the moment of confusion, when tormented by heartache and disappointment, decisions are made that cannot be undone. By choosing evil, you may lose everything.

February 3, March 2 and 25, 2018

Choreographer: Marina Kesler
Music: Lepo Sumera, Raimo Kangro, Arvo Pärt, Lydia Auster
Designer: Sirly Oder
World premiere at the Estonian National Opera on April 29, 2007

Marina Kesler: “”Werewolf” deals with the problems of human kind: the confrontation of the individual and the mass, envy, the destruction of competitors by slander, the inability of people fighting for their love and be true to yourself.”

Choreographer: Tiit Helimets
Composer: Paula Matthusen
Libretto: Tiit Helimets after the poem by Abi Basch
Lighting Designer: Tiit Urvik
World premiere at the Estonian National Opera on October 1, 2011

Tiit Helimets’  short ballet makes people think about how they use their time. How does our life change with time? How do we change with time? What will time bring us and how do we see it? Every second is important and every minute lost makes us panic, an hour feels too long and it seems that we are wasting our time …

Paula Matthusen is a composer of electro acoustic music who collaborates with choreographers and theatre companies in creating and designing productions. In addition she realizes sound installations. Her work often considers discrepancies in musical space – real, imagined, and remembered.
Abi Basch is a playwright and director whose work has been produced in the U.S. by renowned companies and festivals. Abi has been a core member of kInDeRdEuTsCh pRoJeKtS, a German/American physical theatre company that generates movement-based multi-media plays and performance installations based on her scripts.
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Balletiõhtu Sa 03/02/2018 19:00 Rahvusooper Estonia, Tallinn 7.00 - 25.00
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