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Šamanisko Deju un Mūzikas festivāls (Mainīts sākuma laiks)

N 22.6.2017 16:00 - P 25.6.2017 18:00
Atpūtas komplekss Umuri - Ievu līcis
From the steppes of the Himalaya to the jungles of Guatemala, shamanism is a ritual belief system that has been practiced for over 27,000 years. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. Its teaching focus on our connection to nature and all of creation.

If you are reading this, it means one way or other, you are interested! The subject of Shamanism is in your blood. It means that you hear the call of Mother Earth in your very heart beat. Since ancient times shamanic rituals have served to unite us with Mother Nature, Mother Earth and energies of healing, enlightening and spiritual nature.

June 22-25, 2017 we meet for the second time in the forests of Latvia by the banks of beautiful river Daugava to join in dance, rituals and exploration of our one and only true nature!

This year will be devoted to the Elements of Mother Nature. In the four days of festival we will explore all four elements. Shamanic journey first begins with the Fire element, destruction of the self or the ego. A person must be reborn to become a shaman, Fire is symbolic of ritual purification and death.

After the tribulation of the Fire element, we will begin journeying to the Underworld. Earth element symbolizes link to our collective past, our connection to Planet and our inescapable bond with every life form on Earth. The Earth element nurtures, it protects, it is the Womb from which all the life comes.

Third day is dedicated to Water element which is the universal fuel of Existence, life cannot function without water.

And final element of shamanic journey is Air. Upper Realms to meet dieties and Gods – the shamanic connection to land of Spirits.

With the main guest of the festival being musician, shaman and a guide to other spaces of consciousness – Rishi from Germany, we will use a feast of live music, drum circles and Trance dance night events.

Shamans and friends from all over Baltic countries are joying the meet-up! Trance dance, Rituals, Firewalk, Sweat lodge, Drum circles, Vision quests, Power animal and much more.

Festival space will be open to individual seekers as well as families with children. All together in a union between ourselves and Mother Earth. In music, dance and joy!

Dress Code..
Ethnic, Shamanic, Hippy, Līgo clothing, comfy enough to join dances and other practices. Swimming suits – our grounds will reach the river Daugava indulging us to swim at whim ;)

Exclusively delicious vegetarian meals will serve as one of our collective rituals three times a day. We invite you to bring your own vessels and utensils as we intend to avoid using disposable tableware. Extra snacks will not be accessible on the festival grounds - anything you cannot survive without should be brought along from the town.

Recreation centres “Ievas Līcis” and “Umuri” are located by the river Daugava - the greatest and most beautiful river in Latvia, surrounded by pine trees who have seen passage of centuries in astonishing beauty of nature. Camping spot is included within the festival fee. Lodging in guest house – 45 EUR (check-in from June 22, 12pm, check-out on June 25, 6pm).

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Sündmus Kuupäev / Kell Toimumiskoht  
Šamanisko Deju un Mūzikas festivāls (Mainīts sākuma laiks) N 22.6.2017 16:00 Atpūtas komplekss Umuri - Ievu līcis

Toitlustuse pilet maksab 35 €. (Lastele kuni 5a. tasuta)
Perepiletid: 2 täiskasvanut ; 2 täiskasvanut + 2 last; 2 täiskasvanut + 1 laps. Perepileti hind 160 €

4-päeva pilet:

88 EUR kuni 01.04
120 EUR alates 02.04

Lastele vanuses kuni 5 eluaastat (k.a) on sissepääs tasuta
Ligipääs ratastooliga puudub.
Soovitatav vanus al. 1 eluaastast

Toitlustus 35 EUR - müügis kohapeal

Umuri, Tomes pagasts Ķeguma nov. Läti
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