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Su 06/06/2021 13:00
16.90 - 52.90
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CryptoFest: for the first time in Estonia - Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on June 6, 2021.
Haddaway, Lena Katina from t.A.T.u., Virus!, Shanon, Erich Krieger, Shira and Nika Marula have been confirmed for the Cryptofest on June 6 at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. Soon will be confirmed more artists.
CryptoFest will take place in the format of a one-day festival, where you can enjoy food and drinks, biggest Tivoli park in Baltics and festival life alongside music. For the first time in the history of Estonian festivals, it will be possible to use Dagcoin, Bitcon, Ethereum as payment instruments. The festival takes place from 13 to 23 pm.
Cryptofest's main performer Haddaway is the gold treasure of retrospectors and a welcome performer from all over Europe. His 1993 hit "What Is Love" is one of the greatest songs of the era. His "I Miss You" and "Rock My Heart" are also very well known favorite songs of the 1990s.
The once shocking duo t.A.T.u. red-headed member Lena Katina is also successful in her solo career. Lena Katina, who performed in Estonia much less often than her former duet partner, released the first Russian-language album "Mono" in 2019, which followed the English-language long-playing "This Is Who I Am". The singer will also perform t.A.T.u.-era big hits "All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us".
Virus! Became famous in 1999! was one of the most popular bands in the Slavic countries in the 2000s, both on concert stages and in dance halls. Virus! has also performed several times in Estonia.
Estonian pop rock star Shanon is always a welcome band that brings a good concert energy to the people. "Summer is still running", "Toes in the sand", "Here I Stay" and other Shannon hits introduce us to the summer song field.
The festival is also not missed by the people's beloved singer Erich Krieger with his evergreen hits. Shira, the finalist of Estonian Song 2020, will perform at Cryptofest as a fresh talent, and Nika Marula, a semi-finalist of "The Voice of Russia", who has also participated in the X-Factor of Ukraine and warmed up the concerts of Russian new wave pop star Zivert.
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