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20. Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival / 20th Matsalu Nature Film Festival / PASS

We 21/09/2022 10:00 - Su 25/09/2022 23:59
20.90 - 100.90

From 21.09 to 02.10, screenings of world-class nature documentaries take place at Matsalu Nature Film Festival, happening in the outskirts of Matsalu National Park. This year the festival celebrates its 20th anniversary. The festival also has a nature photography program and activities for youth and children.

The end of September is a wonderful time in Matsalu – thousands of migratory birds gather on the coastline, the foggy meadows of Kasari river attract elks, and evenings are filled with the song of Common Cranes. It's the best time to visit Matsalu with the whole family, to take time for nature and nature films.

Children can enter the festival area free of charge, for others, the best option is the festival Pass. To give an additional boost to the festival, feel free to purchase the Supporter's Pass.

Price information
Pre-sale pass 20 €

Pass (from 1.09 onwards) 25 €
Supporter's Pass 100 €
With the pass, you can visit all festival events that take place in Lihula.
The Supporter's Pass is an opportunity to show that the festival holds a special place in your heart, you will also have access to any invite-only events during the festival.

Submit the pass to Festival Info desk
Free admission for children aged 15 or under

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Event Date / Time Venue Price  
20. Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival / 20th Matsalu Nature Film Festival / PASS We 21/09/2022 10:00 Lihula 20.90 - 100.90
Price information
Eelmüügi pass 20 €
Pass alates 1. septembrist 25 €
Toetajapass 100 €
Toetajapassiga näitate, et festivalil on Teie südames eriline koht, samuti ootame Teid festivali ajal toimuvatele kutsetega sündmustele.
Pass annab õiguse osaleda kõigil Lihulas toimuvatel festivali üritustel
Esitage pilet festivali infolauas
Lastele vanuses kuni 15a (k.a) sissepääs tasuta
Matsalu Loodusfilmide Festival MTÜ
Tallinna mnt 25 Lihula Pärnumaa
Reg. no: 80195986