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Elektroonilise muusika ja visuaalse kunsti festival Moonland

Fr 03/08/2018 14:00 - Su 05/08/2018 12:00
Rummu, Vasalemma vald
Dear Customer!

Electronic music festival “Moonland” which was to take place August 3-5, has been cancelled.
All tickets will be refunded. Refund date will be announced soon.
Holders of PDF tickets will be refunded by Piletilevi to the bank account where the purchase was made from. Money will be transferred within 7 days of the beginning of refund date.
Hard tickets can be returned at all Piletilevi salespoint, except Circke K service stations.
Organizer apologizes for the inconvenience!


World famous DJs and musicians, light and laser installations, full-scale video-mapping, art objects, workshops in a unique location – an environmentally friendly sandy quarry in the Estonian settlement of Rummu, near Tallinn. When we first stepped upon the gravel of the former limestone quarry of Rummu, we couldn´t help but to compare the stark geology of the place to that of the moon. The moon is not only our satellite, it´s also the easiest body in the solar system to observe with the naked eye. We gaze upon it every cloudless night and it fills us with a sense of wonder and mystery. Indeed, people have wondered about the dark and light spots on the surface of the moon throughout history. What caused these strange features? What is it made of? The moon’s surface is covered with dead volcanoes, impact craters, and lava flows, some visible even to the unaided stargazer. Like Rummu, it´s filled with scars of its past. And together at Moonland festival we are embarking on an adventure where the environment is both the stage and the protagonist. Moonland is set to inaugurate it´s very first edition at the historical Rummu quarry and former prison, not far from Estonia´s capital Tallinn – the best preserved medieval city in Europe and one of its hidden treasures according to the prestigious Lonely Planet guide.

At Moonland we care about the world we live in, and as Rummu stands today, it is a monument and witness to the many dissidents who paid a very high price for speaking truth to power. In this year of 2018, we believe freedom of speech is one of the most relevant topics of the day. Two-thirds of the world's internet users live under regimes of government censorship, and we are daily witnesses of the great lengths governments extend their power - increasingly in Western developed countries - to enforce censorship and restrain freedom. Who has the right to decide what speech is allowed? Who watches those self appointed watchmen? At Moonland we honor and respect everyone´s voice, regardless of race, gender, orientation, religion and yes, political leanings. Because we can never come together unless we make a true effort to understand the other. We are also proud to count as partners some of the most exciting collectives and brands:

ARMA 17, which has cemented its reputation as one of Russia's finest clubs. Primarily catering to house and techno, the Moscow venue takes its name from the industrial park its founders originally threw parties in until it was destroyed by a fire in 2009. Based in the Nizhniy Susalniy district, ARMA17 plays hosts to international guests on a weekly basis, all while regularly throwing after parties that have been known to carry on well into the afternoon.

System 108: A Moscow based club promoter, brand and label with a passion for underground electronic music. Also the creative producer for media artists team True Light Crew. Responsible for regular big night events TEST in Moscow and techno stage of Alfa Future People in Nizhniy Novgorod.

SILA SVETA: An interactive media production studio, Sila Sveta has both Moscow and Los Angeles based teams of international specialists in the field of digitally immersive experiences. They have produced special shows for Samsung, Lamborghini, Panasonic USA, ASUS, Lexus, Met Gala, Signal and Day for Night Festivals and many other brands.

HALL: Tallinn based platform offering a stage to electronic music and visual arts, with the aim of introducing Eastern European underdogs to the world. Hall is a place where you can experience the ultimate freedom and be yourself... Welcoming all creatures of the night.
MÜRK: A Techno music event, record label & community, currently based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Age restriction: 18+. Remember to bring your photo ID with you.

Stage Schedule: The festival stage schedule will be available closer to the festival. The day schedules will appear on our website during spring 2018. Weekend Moonland Festival website:

Program: 50 hours non-stop festival program

6 stages: 3 outside day floors, 3 inside night floors including 1 sleepless floor open during 24 hours
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Event Date / Time Venue  
Elektroonilise muusika ja visuaalse kunsti festival Moonland Fr 03/08/2018 14:00 Rummu, Vasalemma vald
Price information
EARLY BIRD FESTIVAL PASS 60 eur / From 27.06 70€
2-day festival pass, limited amount presale passes.

MOONLAND CAMPERS PASS 75 eur / From 27.06 85€
Includes 2-day festival pass, access to camping area. NB! Tent not included.

MOONLAND CAMPER PACKAGE 100 eur / From 27.06 110€
Includes 2-day festival pass, access to camping area + 1 sleeping place in 2 pax tent (sleeping bag not included).

MOONLAND LUX CAMPER PACKAGE 110 eur / From 27.06 120€
Includes 2-day festival pass, access to camping area + 1 sleeping place at 2 pax lux tent (sleeping bag included).

MOONLAND TRAILER PACKAGE 180 eur / From 27.06 190€
Includes 2-day festival pass, 1 sleeping place accommodation in trailer (4-5 pax).

MOONLAND LUX TRAILER PACKAGE 310 eur / From 27.06 320€
Includes 2-day festival pass, 1 sleeping place accommodation in lux trailer 2017 year (5-6 pax).

MOONLAND HOTEL PACKAGE 220 eur / From 27.06 230€
Includes 2-day festival pass, 1 place in twin or double hotel*** room for 2 nights.
Please contact us to arrange you accommodation:
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