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''Planeet Harmoonia''

Fr 09/08/2019 22:00
20.50 - 100.50
Pirita's Convent Ruins
09.08.2019 at 22:00

Stage director Helen Rekkor
Music director and conductor Kristjan Järvi
Dramaturg Piret Jaaks
Arranger Liina Sumera
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, electronics and musical guests from different galaxies

Visual theatre has become increasingly popular in the world of theatre during the past decades. The world itself is becoming more and more visual at the speed of light – the same tendency also takes place in performance arts. Let's admit, words are slightly overestimated in art! Stage director Helen Rekkor, the frontwoman of Visual Theatre Group Misanzen, was awarded Ants Lauter Director Award in 2018. Rekkor's works were recently performed in Vaba Lava Theatre Centre and NUKU Theatre. In collaboration with playwright Piret Jaaks, the laureate of Betti Alver Debut Award, Rekkor has directed several performances that have touched thousands of people.

Conductor Kristjan Järvi is well-known in all over the world. According to Reuters, Järvi has been entitled as one of the most resourceful, imaginative and popular conductor in the world of contemporary classical music. As a conductor, Järvi includes all kinds of pieces into his repertoire, from Wagner to Radiohead. The authors of the visual theatre play have commented on the work as follows: "An extraterrestial Pii from another galaxy accidentally lands on planet Earth. Here the alien meets human beings and together they will discover the beauty of music as the universal language."

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra was founded by conductor Tõnu Kaljuste in 1993; during the past two decades it has become one of the most prominent orchestras in Estonia. Numerous concert tours have taken the orchestra to many acknowledged concert halls all over the world, such as the Carnegie Hall in New York City, Forbidden City Concert hall in Beijing, Berlin Konzerthaus and the Philharmonie de Paris. Tallinn Chamber Orchestra has contribued to the release of Arvo Pärt's record Adam's Lament for which conductor Tõnu Kaljuste was awarded Grammy in 2014.
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Event Date / Time Venue Price  
''Planeet Harmoonia'' Fr 09/08/2019 22:00 PIRITA KLOOSTRI VAREMED 20.50 - 100.50
Price information
TICKET35 / 30 / 25 EUR / VIP 100 EUR
NB! Tickets at discount price -20% will be sold during December 9, 2019 to February 10, 2019. The ticket sales will start on December 9th!
Merivälja tee 18 Tallinn Põhja-Eesti Estonia
Tallinna Filharmoonia
Pikk tn 26 Tallinn 10133 Harjumaa