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Igor Moissejevi Ballett / Балет Игоря Моисеева

Fr 15/03/2019 19:00
Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn
24.80 - 145.30
Estonian Ballet Agency presents:

The state academic ensemble of national dance of Igor Moiseyev

One of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century, Igor Moiseyev altered the course of evolution of the world choreography and transformed folk dance into a world heritage phenomenon.

Igor Moiseyev created a new genre of performing arts, which is theatrical folk dance; a new model of a professional ensemble, which is the folk dance troupe; and a new artistic method of folklore interpretation for the stage, which aims to develop and enrich folklore through professional art forms.

Having founded the world’s first ever professional folk dance troupe, Igor Moiseyev turned it into the unique folk dance theatre, where the flamboyant spirit of folklore, including improvisation, which is always unexpected and equally always welcomed, with natural ease breathed life into the austere forms of theatrical dance.

Igor Moiseyev was the first in the history of 20th century choreography to have transformed folk dance into something that would unite people of all nations regardless of their religion or political regimes. Wherever the troupe performs, the flexible and mobile model of the folk dance ensemble established by Moiseyev promotes the folk dance heritage of the world and enhances it with professional artistic techniques, so that it lives on in austere forms of performing arts.

Today, the repertoire of Igor Moiseyev Ballet comprises hundreds of acts overflowing with vivid stage images, lively characters and bold colours inspired by life itself.

This miracle, which has been making audiences burst into applause for seven decades straight, would not have been possible had not Igor Moiseyev mastered all the tiniest nuances of folk dancing as well as all the techniques and instruments of professional choreography, stage art and music, which formed the foundation of his unique artistic method for the theatrical interpretation of folklore.

Embodied in noble performance concepts and uniquely clear in their expression of the artistic idea, Igor Moiseyev’s works have become choreography classics understood by audience all over the world. They are always cutting-edge, feature colourful folk characters and are filled with love, joy, humour and life itself, which everyone will certainly hold dear.

* * *

Igor Moiseyev was born on 21 January 1906 in Kiev; his father, Alexander Moiseyev, belonged to landed gentry, and his mother Anna Gren who was a seamstress at the famous Théâtre du Châtelet.

The family relocated to Paris after their son was born, and Igor Moiseyev grew up speaking French as his second mother tongue. Later, the family moved to Moscow, where Igor Moiseyev started professional ballet training.
In 1924-1939 Igor Moiseyev was a premier dancer in the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre ballet company.

Igor Moiseyev’s roles in the Bolshoi Theatre:

• Joseph - "Joseph the Beautiful", choreography by Kasyan Goleizovsky, music by Sergei Vasilenko;
• Raoul - "Theolinda", choreography by Kasyan Goleizovsky, music by Franz Schubert;
• Slave - "Le Corsair", choreography by Alexander Gorsky, music by various French composers;
• Matho - " Salammbô ", choreography by Alexander Gorsky, music by A. Arends;
• Footballer - "Footballer", choreography by Igor Moiseyev and Lev Lachtchilin; music by Viktor Oransky.

Igor Moiseyev’s ballets as choreographer in the Bolshoi Theatre:

• "Footballer" in collaboration with L. Zhukhov and L. Lachtchilin, music by V. Oransky (1930);
• "La Fille mal gardée" in collaboration with A. Messerer (1930);
• "Salammbô", music by A. Arends (1932);
• "Three Fat Men", music by V. Oransky (1935);
• "Spartacus", music by A. Khachaturian (1958).

Igor Moiseyev also choreographed dance in the following operas:

• "Zagmuk" (1930);
• "Turandot" (1931);
• "Demon" (1932);
• "The Love for Three Oranges" (1933);
• "Carmen" (1933).

Igor Moiseyev’s career path in the Bolshoi Theatre is unprecedented: he was appointed Ballet Master at the age of 24 ("Footballer" in collaboration with L. Zhukhov and L. Lachtchilin, music by V. Oransky, 1930), which had been unheard of during the history of the Bolshoi.

In 1930s, he directed acrobatic parades on Red Square, performances in the Armenian Studio of Ruben Simonov, taught duelling rules in the Moscow Art Theatre, was a teacher in the Moscow School of Choreography and head of the choreography division in the People’s Art Theatre (1936).

Igor Moiseyev is the founder of the world’s first professional folk dance troupe (10 February 1937) and the world’s first professional training studio affiliated with the dance ensemble (September of 1943).

In 1966, Igor Moiseyev founded the State dance performance troupe “Young Ballet”. The artist was awarded with numerous medals, orders and honorary titles in dozens of countries for his contribution in the development of culture in the world.
Igor Moiseyev was a professor, holder of international awards in choreography, honorary member of several academies and author of articles on choreography as well as an autobiography “I remember… A life-long tour”.

Igor Moiseyev passed away on 2 November 2007 in Moscow, at the age of 101. He is universally regarded as the citizen of the world and ambassador of good and fairness. Having been a dedicated enthusiast and selfless giver, Moiseyev shared his talent, knowledge and passion for dancing with millions. All his life, this supremely talented creator, never overdramatic, has been following the same grand principle: to give without ever stopping to think whether there would be anything in return. The noble and human nature of Igor Moiseyev’s global mission cannot be overestimated.

* * *

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Igor Moissejevi Ballett / Балет Игоря Моисеева Fr 15/03/2019 19:00 Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn 24.80 - 145.30
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