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Põnev seiklusrada Valgeranna Seikluspargis

Valgeranna Seikluspark
8.00 - 23.00

Conquering new heights, jumping into nets, hoops and obstacles, long zip-lines, THIS IS ADVENTURE PARK IN THE TREE TOPS!

Park overview

Venturing the trails in tree tops, you’ll discover yourself and companions in exhilarating situations! Valgeranna Adventure Park has a total of 6 trails.

Each trail reaches new heights and you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles. All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy descent on a zip-line. Exciting and memorable experiences are guaranteed to kids and adults of all ages.

Estimated time for completion trails 1-6 is approximately 3 hrs.

Before accessing the trails, our contract needs to be filled in. You can read the terms & conditions here.

During the summer season safety briefing will be given in 30 or 45 minute intervals.

Kids park

Kids, shorter than 115 cm, can enjoy various attractions just like grown ups do. There is a kids park with 2 trails, which are suitable for 2-7 year olds. Adults can help their little ones, if necessary.

Free fall jump

Dear lovers of adrenaline and adventure!

Test your limits or put your friends to the test – excitement is guaranteed! The free fall jump will be performed from a 10-meter-high platform using a special device. The weight limit is 20-120 kg. Come and check it out!

Adventure in the dark

In the late summer, trails become something in the darkness completely new. The only source of light would be the headlamp that you are wearing. Rain should not deter you – trees provide cover and trails are easily passable.


Valgeranna has a wonderful disc golf course with 18 holes. The course is located in a nice pine forest and is 1,7 km long. The use of the course is free of charge! Necessary discs are available for rent from Adventure Park.

·       The rental kit has 2 discs: driver and putter.

·       Kit rental costs 3€/3h

·       If you exceed the renting time, you need to pay for the extra time spent with a tariff of 3€/3h.

·       Discs are rented on the basis of your id.

·       Discs are rented only during the opening hours of the adventure park’s ticket office.

·       Compensation fee for broken or lost disc is 10€.

Events website: https://valgerannaseikluspark.ee/

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Põnev seiklusrada Valgeranna Seikluspargis Valgeranna Seikluspark 8.00 - 23.00
Price information
Kinkekaart kehtib 1 aasta
Põnev seiklusrada täiskasvanule 23€
Põnev seiklusrada noorele 19€
Põnev seiklusrada 8-12a lapsele 12€
Põnev seiklusrada 2-7a lapsele 8€
Valgeranna küla, Pärnu linn 88326, Pärnu maakond
+372 56 222 855
Valgeranna Seikluspark
Valgeranna küla Pärnu Estonia
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Valgeranna Seikluspark OÜ
Uus-Sauga 5/1 Pärnu 80032 Pärnumaa
Reg. no: 16170862