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Restoran MEKK

30.00 - 100.00
The concept of MEKK (Modern Estonian Cuisine) is unique, filled with pleasant discoveries and interesting for Estonians and foreign visitors alike. We are the first to be considered the dignified initiators of modern Estonian cuisine traditions offering a full concept as we are currently seen as the most active representatives of the new wave of Estonian cuisine.

The chef of the restaurant is dedicated to putting together such a menu for MEKK, which would clearly represent the essence of modern Estonian cuisine. The nature of the dishes served is defined by the use of cooking techniques characteristic to Estonian cuisine, accompanied by nuances learned in other parts of the world. The result of all of theaforementioned components is what we like to call Modern Estonian Cuisine in its best form. Full of contrasts but calm and harmonious by nature – just as the Estonian people.

MEKK is a restaurant, where everyone feels welcome. And which can be strongly recommended to one's friends and acquaintances, since when having visited MEKK once, you will always want to return here. Small, 50 seats, cosy atmosphere, excellent service and first-rate modern Estonian cuisine, always readily available for visitors. MEKK surprises everyone - and always in a positive sense!

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Müügil Restoran MEKK kinkekaardid väärtusega 30, 50 ja 100 €. Kinkekaardi kehtivusaeg 6 kuud.
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Tallinnhotels OÜ
Vabade väljak 3 Tallinn 10141 Harjumaa
Reg. no: 11084782