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Sa 13/10/2018 12:00 - Tu 13/11/2018 11:30
6.50 - 9.50
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New parents are so busy that they just cannot manage without a babysitter. As a last resort, they take the child to his grandfather... to a woodwork shop.
Grandfather has problems of his own and he is far from enthusiastic about babysitting. But when the child seems to be caught in a maelstrom, he must act! Grandfather’s heart melts and suddenly there is nothing more interesting or important than watching a little child grow. Grandfather’s woodworking tools take on a whole new meaning and through play become characters that set out with the child to explore the world. This is true play!

Author and Director: Leino Rei
Designer: Marion Undusk
Puppet Designer: Rosita Raud
Composer: Ardo Ran Varres

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