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Ballett Anna Karenina

Su 29/04/2018 13:00
Vene Teater, Tallinn
25.50 - 35.50
Two-act ballet “Anna Karenina”, comissioned by Teatro di Milano from Estonian choreographer Teet Kask, is a fresh take on Leo Tolstoy's eponymous literary masterpiece set to Pyotr Tchaikovsky's music. The production combines classical and contemporary ballett.

The choreographer’s aim was not to simply stage Tolstoy's great literary work, but rather to focus on its timeless themes through a contemporary perspective and the language of dance. “Exploring Anna Karenina’s story through this perspective allowed me to go under the character’s skin, and reach dimensions that were hidden between the lines,” commented choreographer Kask.

In bringing “Anna Karenina” to the stage, Kask was primarily interested in the deep resonance emanating from the existential themes posed by Tolstoy. Kask believes that this is not simply a story about a woman's tragic love affair and her suffering; rather he sees it as a story about the individuality of a person's character, one’s desire to fulfill their personal needs and not be shunned by society as a result.

“We should never rush to judge other people, leave that to a higher power instead. We should always take the time to understand why people do things a certain way,” says Kask trying to encapsulate the moral of the story that was written almost 140 years ago.

The two-part ballet is set to Pyotr Tchaikovsky’s music from different periods and includes such pieces as “Elegie”, “Serenade melancolique”, and “Six Romances”. “It was clear from the start that Tchaikovsky's music would suit this piece perfectly, because the novelist and the composer were contemporaries in the 19th century Russia,” explained Kask, who considers music an essential guide in his creative process. As such, Tchaikovsky's works are filled with the fragrances and pulsations of that time, granting this unique interpretation some additional layers of authenticity, depth, colour and uniqueness.

„Anna Karenina“ has been performed in Italy and Switzerland. In Estonia, there will be only two exclusive performances on 28 and 29 April 2018 at the Russian theatre of Estonia (Vene Teater) in Tallinn.

The director of “Anna Karenina”, Teet Kask, is an outstanding Estonian choreographer and stage director, originally trained as a classical ballet dancer, with a richly varied portfolio of numerous international projects. Kask has an MA in choreography from the London City University/Trinity Laban, and likes to synthesize classical and contemporary dance in his choreographic works.

Libretto, Stage Direction and Choreography: Teet Kask
Set Design: Marco Pesta
Costume Design: Federico Veratti
Visuals: Marco Triaca


Balleto di Milano is a dance company that boasts a conceptual repertoire that is unique not only in Italy, but also in Europe. The company comprises a group of meticulously selected dancers, who perform pieces that are created exclusively for Balletto di Milano. The ballet company operates alongside a privately funded theatre – a rare phenomenon in the world of ballet.
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Ballett Anna Karenina Su 29/04/2018 13:00 Vene Teater, Tallinn 25.50 - 35.50
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parter: rida 1 - 6 = 35€; rida 7 - 12 = 30€; 13 - 17 = 25€
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