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Fr 19/07/2019 21:00 - Fr 02/08/2019 23:59
15.50 - 100.50
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For the third year in a row, the unique apple garden concerts invite you to enjoy authentic sounds under the trees of a South Estonian farm. We will talk about what is important: friendship, love, freedom, being together, and travelling together.


1)       As the apple trees blossom, Mari Jürjens will make a wonderful introduction to the coming summer, expressing her thoughts through words and music on the passage of time, childhood, growing up, and the ease and complexity of being human …

2)       During the brightest time of the year, on the summer solstice, Liisi Koikson and Joel Remmel will join you in a lovely apple garden in South Estonia. The keywords of the concert are beauty and peace. Let us forget about the fast pace of life on this symbolic night and let the meaningful texts speak for themselves. Liisi and Joel will perform their new songs and interpret the works of other beloved Estonian bands such as Genialistid, Smilers, Apelsin, and many others.

Liisi Koikson – vocals

Joel Remmel – piano

3)       Puuluup, whose sound incorporates talharpas and electronic instruments, is at the crossing point of folk music and modern music genres, flirting with world music, underground, and pop. They use effects pedals, loopers, and alternative playing techniques with their talharpas to explore new ways of generating sounds. The band has promised to play some of their brand-new songs. It is going to be an awesome and surreal evening!

4)       In August, when apples come into season, Tõnu Laikre (on the piano) and Marek Sadam (vocals) will play their songs and tell stories in a lovely apple garden in South Estonia. The duo has performed together both on large stages and between currant bushes in home gardens – they definitely have many great stories to tell. The musical side of their performance also promises to be diverse, offering both laughter and more thoughtful moments.

On all evenings, storyteller Piret Päär will also perform in Pokuhall two hours before the concerts begin. She will tell stories from the local folklore and on many other subjects. For a quarter of a century, Piret has headed Jutukool, a school of storytelling, and been a professional storyteller.

We kindly ask you to leave your car at the large parking lot, so you could later take a walk through the forest from Pokuhall to the concert venue (approximately 1.2 km). Puuko will be your guide.

Music and nature lovers of all ages are welcome at the picnic-concerts. Light snacks and drinks by local craftsmen are sold at the venue, but you can bring your own picnic basket and blankets. Payment in cash. You can stay the night in a tent to explore Pokuland the next day.



Age limit: none

Additional information for minors and visitors with children: we offer child care services half an hour before the start of the concert – there is a play area for children. There is a village swing and an observation tower at the concert venue.


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Buy ticket Puuluup Puuluup Pokumaa, Hauka vanas õunapuuaias, Estonia 15.50 - 100.50
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Buy ticket Marek Sadam ja Tõnu Laikre Marek Sadam ja Tõnu Laikre Pokumaa, Hauka vanas õunapuuaias, Estonia 15.50 - 100.50
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