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Composter / Elektro - Akustilise Muusika Festival / Vene Teater

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Electroacoustic music festival transforms the house of the Russian Theatre into a temple of alternative art. Lecturers and students from different universities will create audiovisual spaces, while audiences engage in workshops and experiment with the latest technological solutions during the performance Hominem quaero. Evening concerts, daytime film and theatre workshops, student thesis presentations, art installations on different floors and much more. Electronic music workshops will be accompanied by installations to highlight the festival area. Among the creators are young professionals as well as bright mature artists from different countries.

 Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA), Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA), Baltic Film, Media and Arts School of Tallinn University (TLÜ BFM), Tallinn School of Music and Ballet (MUBA).

Idea and production by Aleksandr Zedeljov, Heili Vaus-Tamm, Miina Martensoo, Svetlana Mar.

Workshops and installations:

Melotronic Landscapes (EKA, EMTA).

Jaakko Autio "OrigiNation/Algal source" (Finland)

"Moving Image in Space" (EKA)

Performance Etudes #6 (TLÜ BFM)

Sound and word improvisations (MUBA, TLÜ, BFM)

Visual theater workshop (Russian Theatre)

Workshop of sound objects (EMTA, MUBA)

diy DJ (DJ Bandit)

Electronic music creation workshop (Modulshtein)

Artists: Taavi Varm, Nuno Correia, Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes, Helena Tulve, Jaakko Autio, Aleksandr Zedeljov, Malle Maltis, Tarmo Johannes, Diana Kiivit, Hans Gunter Lock, Gerhard Lock, DJ Bandit, Daniil Zandberg.

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