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Brasiilia serenaad. Bossanoova

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Wed, 3 April 19.00 Pärnu Concert Hall

Thu, 4 April 19.00 Estonia Concert Hall

Fri, 5 April 19.00 Vanemuine Concert Hall

Sat, 6 April 19.00 Jõhvi Concert Hall

Brazilian serenade


Martin Kuuskmann (bassoon)

Jovino Santos Neto (piano, Brazil)



Pascoal, Jobim, Jovino Santos Neto


These Grammy-nominated musicians - the bassoon virtuoso Martin Kuuskmann, and the Brazilian pianist and composer Jovino Santos Neto present a selection of lyrical pieces by Brazilian composers. Colourful and temperamental interpretations will be performed of the music of Hermeto Pascoali, Antônio Carlos Jobimi, Jovino Santos Neto and others.


Leave Jovino Santos Neto alone with a piano and you will never know where he will end up...

Raul da Gama, Latin Jazz Net


Jovino Santos Neto is one of the best worldwide performers of Brazilian music. For many years he has been the pianist for Hermeto Pascoal. We have played this programme with him several times, and always with great success. Jovino Santos Neto has the ability to captivate any audience. As a Brazilian, he knows this music inside out and we enjoy a full and complete musical collaboration with him.

Martin Kuuskmann

Events website: http://www.concert.ee


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