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Eesti gruuv 1970-80ndad

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Fri, 22 December 19.00 Alexela Concert Hall

Mon, 25 December 16.00 Pärnu Concert Hall

Tue, 26 December 19.00 Jõhvi Concert Hall

Wed, 27 December 19.00 Vanemuine Concert Hall

Estonian groove of the 1970s–80s

ÜENSO Orchestra
Conductor Riivo Jõgi
Rita Ray, Robert Linna, Ivo Linna
Lexsoul Dancemachine
Special guests: Lembit Saarsalu, Tõnu Naissoo

In the 1970-80-ies, in spite of the occupation, original music with funk, soul and jazz influences was both heard on the radio and played at parties in Estonia. However, a lot of unpublished music has remained in the archives to wait for its time.

Now the time has come - with the help of vocalists Rita Ray, Robert Linna and Ivo Linna, to re-introduce this music again.

Concert programme includes the repertoire of Estonian legendary groups and soloists like Apelsin, Marju Kuut, Els Himma, Gunnar Graps and compositions by Raivo Tammik, Uno Naissoo and Jaan Kuman.

A tribute to Estonian music legends is organised by Eesti Kontsert and Estonian Funk Embassy.


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