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Festival ''1000 kurge''

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1000 Cranes – festival of Asian wordless theatre

1000  Cranes Festival will take place from October 25 to October 29, 2022, in Tallinn and Tartu. World class dance and music will take over both Tallinn and Tartu for four days. This time, you can see productions by Asian and Estonian performance artists in Viimsi Artium, Tartu New Theatre and the Estonian National Museum. The connecting elements of the festival are sense, movement, dance, and music.

The Great Desire of the human heart washes over words… How to express it, how to make your request? A hand finds a paper; a folded crane becomes the messenger bird. Fold one and you are an Artist – you can enjoy the work that you have done; fold a hundred and you are a Master – strong of mind; fold a thousand and you are a Seer – you sense the power of the human heart!

The name of the festival – Thousand Cranes – has its roots in a Japanese legend that created a custom to give origami birds to a bride or a new-born to symbolize a long and good life, and it also relates to the exquisite attention to detail in the famous Nobel-winning writer Yasunari Kawabata’s novel that carries the same title and embodies the perpetual wanderlust in the human heart. The festival will present performers from South Korea and Japan, while Estonia is represented in this year’s programme with the ballet Golden Temple by the creative team *birdname.

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