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Th 26/03/2020 19:00
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Marko Matvere: “A laugh-out-loud farce called life takes our beloved characters on another go-round, this time in an opera.”


An opera

Based on the novel by Andrus Kivirähk

Composer Tauno Aints
Libretto by Urmas Lennuk
Musical director & conductor Paul Mägi
Conductor Taavi Kull
Director Marko Matvere
Scenographer Iir Hermeliin
Choreographer Marika Aidla
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk

Cast Marko Matvere, Lauri Saatpalu, Merle Jalakas, Kädy Plaas, Reigo Tamm (NO Estonia), Karmen Puis, Märt Jakobson, Rasmus Kull, Pirjo Jonas, Katrin Kapinus, Jaan Willem Sibul, Simo Breede, Janek Savolainen et al.

/…/ The novel’s rich tapestry of the novel is brought alive by a musical score that rewards repeated listening.
Kerri Kotta, Sirp newspaper

This is a really cool play. One where it doesn’t really feel like a standing ovation but you can hurt your hands clapping. Kivirähk’s novel is a cult masterwork of Estonian literature and the opera can be no worse. Now we have a film based on the novel as well and who knows, perhaps someonw will develop a video game as well.
Siim Saavik, 4Dimensioon

The opera is like life itself, only even more colourful. It’s about us - as we were yesterday, and are today and will be tomorrow. While the production is undoubtedly contains profound ideas, it’s not the kind of deep thoughts that one can point to sand say definitively, “the writer is trying to tell us that …” Is there self-irony? Is there ever. The story is about Old Barny, a.k.a. a barn-keeper by the name of Sander, who witnesses the greed for profit of his people and their big dreams and smaller aspirations, trying to nudge them from their sly pragmatism towards more human spheres.

Premiere 18.10.2013, the Vanemuine Small Building.

Performed in: Estonian
Surtitles on big screen: Estonian, English
App display languages: Estonian, English, Finnish

Attention! Limited visibility from rows 2 – 4 of side balcony in Small Building of Vanemuine.

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