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Thu, 6 April at 19 Pärnu Concert Hall

Fri, 7 April at 19 Estonia Concert Hall

Sat, 8 April at 19 Vanemuine Concert Hall

Verdi. Requiem


Anush Hovhannisyan (soprano, Armenia)

Monika-Evelin Liiv (mezzo-soprano)

Ji-Min Park (tenor, South Korea)

Liudas Mikalauskas (bass, Lithuania)

Female choir of the Oratorio Choir

Estonian National Male Choir

Estonian National Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Risto Joost


The momentous “Requiem” by Verdi is one of the most beloved and often-performed large-scale works in musical history. The composition of the performers for this particular performance is imposing, with almost two hundred musicians on stage. The piece is exceptionally demanding for the performers, and always provides a powerful and moving experience for the audience. This requiem by Verdi as an opera composer is full of strong feeling, involving the mad rage of Dies irae and the extreme sadness of Lacrimosa, heaven and hell, fire and water, darkness and light, religious grandiosity, and opera-like drama. 


In collaboration with Estonian National Symphony Orchestra


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