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Peter Bence

Th 03/10/2019 19:00
Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn
29.40 - 49.40
The most famous show pianist in the world, the amazing crowd-puller Peter Bence will perform in Estonia on 3 October.
The pianist, whose breath-taking concert at Alexela Concert Hall was completely sold out last year, will be back in Estonia on 3 October. The man who can make a piano sound like an orchestra and whose takes on hits by Queen, Michael Jackson, and other megastars boast over 300 million online views will give a concert at the Alexela Concert Hall as part of his world tour. Tickets for the concert will be available from 10 a.m. on 15 March.

Peter Bence is a pianist of rock star calibre; living proof that classical music is anything but boring. At his concerts, different musical genres are blended into a captivating whole. His bold approach to pop music brings listeners of all ages to concert halls. Bence himself says that he experiments with all that the piano has to offer – he uses the whole body of the instrument when he plays.  It is a dramatic show performed at a dizzying speed. His novel and unique pop music arrangements leave no listener unmoved. According to Bence, he aims to convince his younger audience that the piano is an awesome instrument, and the fact that his concerts fill concert hall to the brim shows that he is succeeding.

Bence is the Usain Bolt of the keyboard, so far unparalleled in his field. In January 2012, he was certified as ‘The World’s Fastest Piano Player’ by Guinness World Records. His score was 765 key hits per minute, an accomplishment unmatched to this day.

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Peter Bence Th 03/10/2019 19:00 Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn 29.40 - 49.40
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18.00 Avatakse Kontserdimaja uksed ja kohvikud
19.00 Algab kontsert. Ilma vaheajata.
Hilinejaid saali ei lubata! Vabandame!
20.45 Orienteeruv lõpp

• Soovitatav vanus alates 6. eluaastast.
• Kehtiv pilet peab olema igal külastajal, ka sülelapsel.
• Hilinejaid saali ei lubata!
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Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn
Estonia pst. 9 Tallinn Põhja-Eesti Estonia
ELC Promotion OÜ
Roosikrantsi 2 Tallinn Harju
+372 5221234
Reg. no: 11140744
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