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Station Narva Festival 2018: Comedy Estonia

Su 23/09/2018 16:00
Art Club Ro-Ro, Narva
Igor Meerson (RUS)
Sander Õigus (EST)
Mikael Meema (EST)
Ardo Asperk (EST)
Tatjana Vinogradova (EST)
Louis Zezeran (ENG)

Igor Meerson is one of the pioneers of Russian stand up comedy. Called a "fresh breath of (Siberian) air" in the Australian press, and named by both GQ and Time Out as part of the cream of the crop of Russian comedy, his achievements and ventures are plentiful: the shows "Comedy Club", "Leningrad Stand-Up Club", "Comedy Sans Frontieres" (with Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran), the "Yolki" ("Christmas Trees") film series, appearances on BBC World Service ("The Arts Hour on Tour") and BBC Radio 4 ("Welcome to Wherever You Are"), and many others. He has performed at festivals in Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and numerous others and travels through the whole wide world: from the United States to Germany, from Israel to Estonia.

Tatjana Vinogradova is a comedian, who has constantly improved herself in Comedy Estonia Open Mics. She shares quite serious observations with her soft voice. Facts, jokes, fun games with words and classy performance - these are just a few keywords, that describe this young comedian’s with huge dreams style. More than often she targets usual stereotypes and the duality of russian-estonian world. She herself will not be untouched either, because she is in the middle of this world and reflects everything what happens to the audience as well. She is capable of talking of things and points of views, which a lot of people may not even come into contact with, but at the same time everybody is familiar with - Tatjana is a window to that reality. She tends not to get too serious and prefers short form to be able to pull the carpet away from under your feet more times than you expect. Tatjana has an excellent opportunity to make her unique voice heard and the audience has an excellent opportunity to see, how a comedian can improve over time.

Karl-Alari Varma. A guy from Lasnamäe and a core guy of Estonian stand-up. His material is similar to his essence - sometimes feels a little bit inappropriate, but you will be laughing more than you care to admit. He has this amazing capability to talk about his life, surroundings and people around him, but through a very humorous angle. He reflects the world in a way that all the absurdity in it suddenly becomes visible to everyone. His joyful presence on the stage is contagious to the whole audience. On the other hand he is like a chameleon - for the sake of his own security he blends in with the environment in Lasnamäe and in return chronicles the never-ending stories about the joys and tribulations of the locals around him. While driving towards the city center and when the gray skyline of the apartment buildings fades out of sight he gets rid of his purposely tattered jacket that has seen more than some people in their 70+ years and puts on the legendary yellow shirt - it is time to share knowledge.

Sander Õigus is probably the most hard working person in the Estonian stand up scene. It feels like he doesn’t think of anything else than jokes. If you add to that the life experience, a calm outlook towards life and not always taking himself too seriously, you get a comedian who absorbs everything that is funny in life with his five senses. He is capable of skillfully bringing out the small Estonian in every person of the audience who in everyday life hides behind kind words for the sake of upholding society. Everybody knows his stories because every person has lived through those situations. He can talk about the things wrong in Estonian society from his point of view and experience in a way that the whole audience are a part of that experience. It brings the joy of recognition and tears of laughter to everyone whose heart is still inside. Sander will get you involved in the stand-up world and you will never look back.
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Station Narva Festival 2018: Comedy Estonia Su 23/09/2018 16:00 Art Club Ro-Ro, Narva 10.50
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Station Narva festival passes are on sale at Piletilevi and points of sale over Estonia. The first 200 passes will be available at a special price of €29. The next passes will be priced at €39.
The festival pass grants the right to participate in the music festival over the course of two days and move freely between the two venues, the Kreenholm Manufacture and Club Ro-Ro.

A one day ticket grants the right to freely exit/enter the festival locations and participate in the festival over the course of one day (with the date being specified on the ticket). Daily tickets will be on sale after the unveiling of the complete programme and schedule.

The Comedy Estonia stand up performance, held in Club Ro-Ro on September 23, is subject to a separate ticket, which can be pre-purchased at Piletilevi and at the door (in case of vacancies).

Telia clients are subject to a 20% discount for both festival passes (except the €29 special offer) and daily tickets.

All Station Narva City Stage concerts, public talks, the arts programme, Speak Dating, and the fair are accessible free of charge.
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