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Th 23/03/2023 19:00 - We 26/04/2023 19:00
21.60 - 27.00
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The Mall

An opera

Composer Tõnis Kaumann
Librettist Maarja Kangro
Musical director and conductor Risto Joost
Conductors and chorus masters Aleksandr Bražnik, Kristi Jagodin
Director Liis Kolle
Scenographer and costume designer Kalle Aasamäe
Lighting designer Imbi Mälk
Choreographer Marika Aidla

Cast Pirjo Jonas or Maria Listra (guest), Simo Breede or Alvar Tiisler (guest), Raimonds Bramanis (Latvian National Opera) or Hisatoshi Nezu, Taavi Tampuu (guest), Karmen Puis or Sandra Laagus (guest), Rasmus Kull or Oliver Timmusk, Aivar Kallaste and others
Vanemuine opera chorus and symphony orchestra

Estonian writer Maarja Kangro completed this libretto 17 years ago and Tõnis Kaumann wrote the music for it 16 years ago. Now, it will premiere at the Harbour Theatre as the opera The Mall. Its prologue, however, was composed specifically for the Vanemuine Theatre in 2022.

The mystical and fabulous mall, the mecca of mundane temptations, arouses intense feelings and inspires passionate arias. Linda, Enn, Guglielmo, Piret and a student conducting a sociological study meet at the entrance of the mall. They try to imagine the world that awaits them behind those magical sliding doors and the amazing treasures they’ll be lured to purchase by pretty neon signs and flickering lights… and why no one exits the mall anymore…

Kaumann’s music paraphrases and parodies the entire history of European music. His oeuvre is eclectic, using existing and recognisable styles from various eras.

Premiere on 19 August 2022 at the Harbour Theatre.
Language: Estonian, Italian
Surtitles: Estonian, English


Events website: http://www.vanemuine.ee/repertuaar/kaubamaja/


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