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Ooperi saladused / Тайны оперы

Su 27/10/2019 18:00
5.50 - 7.50
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Secrets of the Opera

 Stories about music, opera arias, Russian romances.

Concert-lecture in two parts.

We invite you to an exciting journey into the world of music.

In the first part, arias from operas of Tchaikovsky, Bizet and Mozart will sound.

Each performance will be introduced with a short story, which will help you to get deeply engrossed in the historical and literary context of the compositions.

In the second part, old and classical Russian romances will be performed.


The following people are performing at the concert:

Natali Remmel, a young soprano specialised in classical music. Born in Tallinn. Her career started in the studio Diapasoon in 2007, under Natalia Zenchenko. In 2009, she studied under her teacher Tatyana Timofeeva, and later continued her studies under Aivar Kransmanis at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. In 2017, she successfully finished Tartu Heino Eller Music School under Elena Suik-Vaikasaite.

Aleksei Bljahhin

Born in Tallinn. He graduated from Tartu University with a degree in physics. Currently he works in the field of information technology.

Since his student years, he has been fond of the so-called author's songs and Russian romances. During the last few years he has been studying classical vocal music under Tatyana Timofeeva.

He’s the author of the lecture series on psychoanalysis, in which he uses musical and literary works as illustrations.

Laureate of the international contest of performers of Russian romances named after Isabella Yuryeva.

“My journey into the world of classical music began with learning to know an amazing person, Mikhail Kazinik. The idea to organise this concert was born in large part due to his extraordinary creative energy.”

The pianist Naily Saripova was born and educated in Tallinn. At the age of six, she started to study under Natalia Leifer-Maasin, a well-known piano teacher in Tallinn, later she continued her studies under Mailis Põld, in the piano class at Georg Ots Music School. In 2000 she went to the Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music to study under Professor Alexandra Juozapenaite-Eesmaa, in 2013 she was awarded a doctorate.

Naily Saripova has successfully participated and has been a laureate in several international competitions: “Konzerteum” (Greece), “Val Tidone Piano Competitions” (Italy), “Clara Haskil Piano Competition” (Switzerland), “Schubert Lied Competition” (Germany). Participated in the project of pianists of the Baltic countries and Finland called “Crossing Boarders”. Naily Saripova gives solo concerts and performs at chamber music concerts in Estonia and other countries.

Since 2005, the pianist has been cooperating with the Ukrainian pianist living in Finland, Vyacheslav Novikov. In the repertoire of the piano duo Saripova and Novikov there are classic works of Schubert, Mozart and Schumann. In 2013, the duo made a record called “Piano Music for Four Hands. Schubert. Mozart”, which was highly appraised by Estonian and foreign critics. In 2015, Naily Saripova released a record with the rarely performed later works of Beethoven, called “Beethoven Diabelli variations op 120. Naily Saripova LIVE”.

At the concert, materials of creative schools and radio programs by Mikhail Kazinik will be used.

Mikhail Kazinik (born on Nov 13, 1951, in Leningrad) is a Russian and Swedish violinist, musical scientist, art critic, lecturer, culturologist, writer, publicist and poet. The author and presenter of original music and art programs.

“Music is a wonderful contract with the Creator. I’m not a populariser of music or any other kind of art. I don’t tell anecdotes or jokes, I don’t try to simplify the perception of music. Those who do this, destroy music. I have a completely different task - to spiritually tune a person into the wavelength, bring them into the light that radiates from the works of art: poetry, music, literature ... Any great art is a transmitter, and a person who is not tuned into its frequency, is a faulty receiver. I will fix him.” (M.Kazinik)



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