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RUSLAN STEPANOV-i tantsulavastus 'Невесомость'

Th 10/05/2018 19:00
Tartu Uus Teater, Lai 37
A: Ruslan, how is pleasure and boredom connected to you?
R: Оба состояния периодически меня посещают. Иногда я получаю удовольствие от скуки, иногда скучаю от удовольствия.
А: Can you still do a split?
R: No
A: What is your favourite book?
R: "Так говорил Заратустра"

Ruslan Stepanov has been active as a choreographer and a dancer for a while in Estonia and Germany. Finally, he has reached the point of creating a solo for himself. This work is titled “Невесомость” – a sort of zero gravity moment, a moment when your thoughts lack weight, the kind of moment that can appear while you experience boredom.

Ruslan: “The world is surely becoming more and more boring, but I like boring things. When I am bored of something it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone else is bored of the same thing. Nowadays everything within our society is focused on being interesting (engaging, pleasurable, instant), but inevitably, over a course of time the interesting becomes boring, known, experienced, done, closed, motionless, meaningless. The interest toward something is always short and it’s main task is to postpone boredom. Boredom as a state of potential where the shift in consciousness is possible and where the things we don’t know yet and can’t imagine yet might occur/appear/take place and might not as well. Where chance is the only strategy that relies on specific conditions. Where the time serves as one of the conditions for the potential. Where time is capable of changing it’s flow. What is the potential of boredom and how long can it last, what happens after that we are inside of boredom or the boredom is inside of us?”

Ruslan Stepanov graduated University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in 2002 as a choreographer, a dancer and a dance teacher. Between 2002­2012 he worked at Theatre Vanemuine in Tartu as a dancer and a choreographer. Following years 2012­2014 he was a member of the Wee Dance Company at Gerhart­Hauptmann­Theater in Görlitz, Germany. He toured with the company in Israel, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Since 2014 Ruslan is freelance dance artist active mostly in Estonia and Germany.

Author, director, performer: Ruslan Stepanov
Light design, technical solutions: Oliver Kulpsoo
Mentor: Alissa Šnaider
Soundscape: Artjom Astrov
Photos: Lee Kelomees
TV clip: tencu
Graphic design: Jaan Evart
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Duration: 60’
Premiere: 13.01.18 Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Ticket: on presale at Piletilevi and at the door 14/18 EUR
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RUSLAN STEPANOV-i tantsulavastus 'Невесомость' Th 10/05/2018 19:00 Tartu Uus Teater, Lai 37
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Ticket: on presale at Piletilevi and at the door 14/18 EUR

40€ united ticket gives you an entrance to 3 performances: Ruslan Stepanov "Невесомость", Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak and Eero Epneri "Workshop" and Maria Metsalu "Mademoiselle x". Link to united ticket:
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