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Richard III / Ричард III / Eripakkumine

Th 04/04/2019 19:00
Vene Teater, Tallinn
7.00 - 19.50
William Shakespare
Translation by Anna Radlova

«My actors are my warriors. Theу enter the stage and die for me» (
Sergei Potapov, one of the most unique and surprising masters of nowadays, is directing stage production of the remarkable Shakespeare tragedy at our theatre. His Macbeth (Eugene Ionesco play based on Shakespeare tragedy) was nominated for the Russian National Golden Mask award and received a special jury prize «For a splendid artistry, where national traditions interlace with poetry of European vanguard».
The performance of the Werewolf, based on the play of August Kitzberg, Estonian drama classicist, had a big impact in Estonia and Russia.
Richard III is the first collaboration between Sergei Potapov and the Russian Theatre of Estonia company.
No-one loves prince Richard. His life is miserable, because he is a freak — a small lopsided hunchback with an ugly face. When he waddles the street, people use to laugh and dogs start barking. Richard is longing for love and happiness, but he is sure, that no-one would ever love him. The power is his only joy. And he will possess it, even if his soul should become as disgusting, as his appearance. If there are people standing on his way to the power, then he has to take their lives «to clear his way with bloody axe»…

Richard III — Jaak Prints
The cast: Lidia Golovataya, Natalia Dymchenko, Alexander Zhiljenko, Daniil Zandberg, Alina Karmazina, Dmitriy Kordas, Dmitriy Kosyakov, Karin Lamson, Iliya Nartov, Alexander Okunev, Eduard Tee.
Scenography — Evgenia Shutina
Light — Anton Andreyuk
Assistant director — Larissa Cherkasova

Premiere — February 16, 2018
The great hall of the Russian Theatre of Estonia
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Richard III / Ричард III / Eripakkumine Th 04/04/2019 19:00 Vene Teater, Tallinn 7.00 - 19.50
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