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Un Yamada "one piece"

Tu 08/05/2018 19:00 - We 09/05/2018 19:50
20.50 - 25.50
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Un Yamada “one◆piece” on the Vaba Lava
Performances on May 8 and May 9, 2018 at 7 p.m.

The Vaba Lava theater center and producer-choreographer Teet Kase will organize the second Japan Golden Week at the beginning of May. This time, Vaba Lava presents Japanese dancer/choreographer Un Yamada’s memorable and moving full-length dance show “one◆piece” that interprets Tokyo city life.

“one◆piece” is a metaphor of urban living in Tokyo told through the motif of the hand. Each dancer represents a finger and the choreography their interactions. The dancing fingers tell a story of relationships in modern society. “one◆piece” features Yamada’s famous dance company made up exclusively of men. The production reflects Un Yamada’s bold and forceful style and ability to tell a story, communicate powerful emotions through dance. The dancers perform with remarkable technique and sensitivity, keeping the audience captivated throughout the production.

The play’s choreography reflects the author’s strong and confident nature that appeals to everyone irrespective of their familiarity with dance. It is a beautiful combination of modern dance and classical ballet the eye-catching choreography of which tells a tragic story. Expressions, technique, chemistry between dancers, and Un Yamada’s choreography make it an unforgettable experience.

The piece was premiered in 2004 by female dancers and revised for the opposite sex in 2014, with new sets, costumes and music.

[female version]

Premiere 2004 sphere mex (Tokyo)
  2006 European Capital of Culture PATRAS2006 (Greece)
  2007 Sibiu International Theater Festival (Romania)

[male version]

Premiere 2014 Kitakyushu Performing Arts Center (Kokura), Theater Tram (Tokyo)
  2017 1st HOT POT East Asia Dance Platform (Hong Kong)

Choreographer: Un YAMADA

Composer: Satoru WONO

Costume: Yuko IKEDA

Lighting Designer: Asako MIURA

Dance: Llon KAWAI, Kota KIHARA, Yutaroh KAWACHI, Naoyuki SAKAI, Toshihiko JO


The Un Yamada dance company, founded by Un Yamada in Tokyo in 2002, stimulates the viewer’s intelligence and sensitivity with witty and unique choreography, immaculate structure, and lively physicality of dancers. Head of the Un Yamada company, choreographer and dancer Un Yamada, was born in Japan where he started as a choreographer in 1996, after training in gymnastics, ballet, and butoh. He has also been active as a solo dancer since 1998. Un Yamada draws inspiration from music, visual art, literature, academic disciplines, fashion, and the versatile movement of the body. His sensitive, energetic, and dynamic dance has attracted attention all over the world and cannot be described simply as modern dance or butoh (Japanese form of modern dance). Un Yamada performs in Japan, Asia, Europe, and the Middle-East. He has created interdisciplinary works that cover music, drama, opera, and traditional performing arts. In 2013, Un Yamada was honored with the 8th Japanese Dance Forum prize. He was appointed Japan’s cultural envoy to East Asia and received the Ministry of Education’s New Face prize for fine arts in 2014.


Un Yamada’s performances in Estonia are sponsored by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Japan in Estonia, Foreign Ministry of Japan and the Economy Hotel.

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More information on the Japan Golden Week at the Vaba Lava available from April on the Vaba Lava homepage and Facebook.