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Vahtangovi nim. teater ''Onu Vanja''/ Театр им. Вахтангова ''Дядя Ваня''

We 30/01/2019 19:00
Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn
22.40 - 90.40
A. P. Chekhov


Scenes from the country life in 2 parts

Don’t be surprised if you come to E. Vakhtangov Theatre to Uncle Vanya and don’t recognize familiar characters, and famous words sound in an unexpected way. No, Rimas Tuminas did not commit a vandalism act, he didn’t rewrite the text and didn’t abridge it. He sight-read the text, as if unaware that there were interpreters before him. There is nothing habitual, beautiful, familiar. There’s no expected Chekhov with a mansion surrounded with a garden, there are no cozy arm-chairs, no table laid for lunch with a lacy tablecloth and hot samovar, there’s no feeling of the Home where several generations lived… Just empty space deserted by life, the space of the theatre with grey coulisses, alabaster lion – a symbol of St. Petersburg, perhaps it’s where the forefather was born who built the mansion, the workbench with rough boards, the old sofa, several chairs…

The director released the stage from domestic elements, leaving a battlefield for passions, broken illusions and unrealized hopes.

A. Chekhov’s characters seen by Tuminas and embodied by actors live in the conditions of colliding ambitions, philosophizing, hard working and laziness, serving and consuming. They are so different and so similar – the life of each of them has gone wrong. Why? We will study this slowly, from scene to scene, from dialogs, disputes, revelations and sarcasm.

People find the beginnings of theatre of the absurd in A. Chekhov’s works. His characters speak one thing, do another thing and think something totally different from what they speak and do. Tuminas’ Uncle Vanya is about what Chekhov’s characters think and what they only confess in times of commotion of the spirits. They are sometimes incoherent, like uncle Vanya, or too brutal, like Astrov. But their confessions break out of their souls so furiously like a man breaks out of a stuffy room into the fresh air.

The director and actors like their characters, so diverse, lonely, and sometimes funny. Yes, right – funny.

A. Chekhov called all his plays comedies. Directors and spectators couldn’t understand why those stories filled with sufferings, understatements, and always with a sad ending, should be called comedies. It’s not for the first time that R. Tuminas produces Chekhov’s play, his Three Sisters and Cherry Orchard won the recognition of spectators and critics. Plays by Chekhov are a way of search, unraveling of the essence, justification of the genre.

Each production by Tuminas is a new step to the sense of this mysterious word “comedy”, so contradicting the context of the plot. It reminds of A. Pushkin’s words: “High comedy is not based on laughter only, but also on the development of characters and… it often closely approaches tragedy”.
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Vahtangovi nim. teater ''Onu Vanja''/ Театр им. Вахтангова ''Дядя Ваня'' We 30/01/2019 19:00 Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn 22.40 - 90.40
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