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Su 23/09/2018 12:00
Ferdinandi saal, Lai tn 1, Tallinn
6.50 - 10.50
Minnie is a cat. And she’s not. Because after one fateful meal, alarming changes start to take place in her – she slowly turns into a human, attractive and fragile Miss Minnie. She now has to leave her dear home in a friendly and tight-knit cat family and find her place among the humans.

Despite being a girl she has not lost her cat-like manners. Sometimes she purrs, sometimes she shows her nails or bumps her nose. She is afraid of dogs and she still remembers the Song of the Cats. She also speaks Cat, so she can help her new friend, a shy journalist Tibbe.

Tibbe would love to write only about cats but as this topic is not so important to readers he is in danger of losing his job. When Tibbe and Minnie meet, both are a help for each other. Minnie finds a home at Tibbe's place and in return brings him news that she gets from her cat-network. Together they stand up for the injustice and corruption that has taken over their small town. In the end, Minnie has to decide whether to stay a person or turn back to a cat.

The show is based on the children’s book Minnie by Annie M. G. Schmidt (1911–1995), the most-read, best-loved and most famous Dutch author of children’s literature.

Lee Trei, Kait Kall (Von Krahli theatre), Riho Rosberg, Laura Nõlvak

Author: Annie M. G. Schmidt
Dramaturgy and Director: Andres Roosileht
Set Designer: Kalju Karl Kivi
Sound Designer: Mait Visnapuu
Light Designer: Triin Rahnu
Translator: Marian Laving

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MIISU Su 23/09/2018 12:00 Ferdinandi saal, Lai tn 1, Tallinn 6.50 - 10.50
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