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Th 10/03/2022 11:00 - Fr 11/03/2022 23:00
13.50 - 14.90
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A story of a young girl who changed the big world.

First time on stage in Estonia - Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter.

Pollyanna is 11 years old and is recently lost his father and mother. She is sent to her bitter, surly spinster-aunt Miss Polly. Though in a strange place for her, Pollyanna wins everyone's hearts at the small town. She teaches them the game of joy that has only one rule: find something in every situation that makes you happy. The trickiest situation the more exciting the game! One day Pollyanna faces an ordeal that is quite impossible to solve with the game. How do you manage when there is nothing to be happy about?

"Pollyanna" reminds as that sheer joy of living and keeping your dear one's close helps to overcome a lot. The production is suitable for all family from the age 7 and above.

Doris Tislar, Markus Habakukk (Kuressaare City Theatre)I, Lee Trei, Tiina Tõnis, Jevgeni Moissejenko, Mait Joorits

Author: Eleanor H. Porter
Dramaturgy: Priit Põldma (Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)
Director: Mait Joorits
Designer: Nele Sooväli
Light and Video Designer: Kristjan Suits
Composer: Ardo Ran Varres
Translator: Linda Liiv

Events website: http://eestinoorsooteater.ee

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Buy ticket POLLYANNA - eelviimane etendus! POLLYANNA - eelviimane etendus! Eesti Noorsooteater, Ferdinandi saal, Estonia 13.50 - 14.90
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Sold out POLLYANNA - viimane etendus! Sold outSold outPOLLYANNA - viimane etendus! Eesti Noorsooteater, Ferdinandi saal, Estonia
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