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XII international fireworks festival ''Vilniaus fejerija 2020''

L 19.9.2020 19:30
Vilniaus Vingio parkas
18.80 - 37.90

Fireworks professionals company BLIKAS invites residents of Vilnius and its guest on September 19th for the 12th time to the international fireworks festival VILNIUS FEJERIJA 2020 in Vingis Park. Pyrotechnics teams from Estonia, Latvia and Poland will take part in the fireworks competition.

According to the rules of the festival, the musical fireworks of each team consist of three parts: a reflection of the country's uniqueness, free-form and a mandatory program. The compulsory fireworks program will be performed with excerpts from Ludwig van Beethoven's most popular works. The choice to use the works of the genius composer was influenced by the fact that this year the world commemorates the 250th anniversary of his birth.

The culmination of the festival will be a spectacular and exciting show of fireworks made by professionals from BLIKAS, accompanying music, lights, lasers, projections and fireworks. The soundtrack of the exhibition program will range from the magic of M. K. Čiurlionis to the most famous works of today.

The author of the soundtrack of the BLIKO program is composer Audrius Balsys. Laser will be implemented by Julija Kolobovaitė, artistic lights handled by Marius Selevičius,

program’s pyrodesigner - Mindaugas Preikša. The whole team of BLIKAS will take part in creating the show.

A special guest will perform the musical program of the festival – Džordana Butkutė with a band, her most beautiful and beloved songs will be played.

A DJ will keep the mood up until dusk. 

Participants of the XII International Fireworks Festival VILNIUS FEJERIJA competition:

ARNIKA (Viljandi, Estonia)
Fireworks created by the pyrotechnics company ARNIKA have been decorating the main Estonian sports and art events for almost three decades now. The pyrotechnic shows of ARNIKA's masters are characterized by well-chosen music, subtle directing, and enchanting impression. All of which amounts to a unique performance of fireworks.

One of the leading fireworks companies in Latvia, providing professional pyrotechnic services since 2003. A team that is not afraid of modern and bold solutions, whose performances are always different, revealing the art of pyrotechnics through a balance of chaos and order.

FENIX (Zeliona Gura, Poland)
 For 25 years, it has been a dominant company in the Polish and European markets, with a team of pyrotechnicians participating in various international festivals. Unique fireworks performances prepared down to the smallest details are created to cater to the joy of audiences. FENIX putsa lot of effort to develop the art of pyrotechnics - constantly updating equipment and pyrotechnic products, looking for new solutions for presenting artistic fireworks.

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XII international fireworks festival ''Vilniaus fejerija 2020'' L 19.9.2020 19:30 Vilniaus Vingio parkas 18.80 - 37.90
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Vilniaus Vingio parkas
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