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Jūrmalas Piedzīvojumu parks TARZĀNS

7.90 - 50.90
The adventure park “Jūrmalas Tarzāns” has been established in Dzintari Forest Park in Jurmala. The obstacle park is suitable for both, children and adults and there are five tracks of different levels available,and also Kids park for 3-6 years old visitors.

The green track is provided for adults and children from six years of age, and it includes 16 obstacles two to four metres high. The blue track includes obstacles which are rather easy to overcome and lifted up to six metres above the ground, and at the end of the track there is an 80 m long wire track. The red track is made in the height of 8 metres, it includes the attractive “Tarzan’s Jump” and a ride by bicycle along the footbridge, flying skateboard and other exciting obstacles. On the other hand, the Black track is provided for those who have greater strength because 14 highly complicated obstacles are placed in the track.

In the kids park there are up to 1,5m high obstacle tracks on the trees specially suitable for our youngest visitors, which are need to be followed by adults along the path and supported if necessary.
Obstacle park is equipped with a new generation safety system of Swiss company Kanopeo providing that each visitor of the park is continuously attached to a safety rope during the whole course thereby your adventure will be safe.
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Age limit to the event: from 3 years old persons
Free entrance to the event: no
Doors open: at 10:00
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CSS-Alpine SIA
CSS-Alpine SIA
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