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Die Antwoord

T 7.8.2018 20:00
COMPENSA koncertų salė
49.50 - 64.50

The scandalous Die Antwoord will sing in Vilnius.

The concert of the South African group, Die Antwoord, will be held in the Compensa concert hall in Vilnius on August 7.

Die Antwoord is a world famous alternative band from South Africa, authors of provocative video clips, inspired by the South African countercultural movement called zef. "Most people live unconsciously, so you have to use art as a shocker to wake them up, " musicians explain their approach.

There are five studio albums on the band's account. They rejected an offer to warm up for Lady Gaga in 2013. Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Kara Delevingne, Dita von Teese starred in their "Ugly Boy” clip in 2014.

The band members played leading parts in the film of the famous South African director Neil Blomkamp called "The Robot named Chappi" (2014), which was warmly met both by critics and spectators and has a high IMDB rating.

Die Antwoord shows are characterized by irrepressible energy, forcing viewers

merge with musicians in a single impulse. Those who attended a concert of

inflammatory South Africans at least once, will never miss the opportunity to visit it again.

The concert tour is dedicated to Die Antwoord's fifth studio album called "The Book Of Zef" (2017), which, as announced, will be the last in the band history.

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Die Antwoord T 7.8.2018 20:00 COMPENSA koncertų salė 49.50 - 64.50
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