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Mihails Labkovskis 'Par attiecībām: no neirozes līdz laimei'/'Про отношения: от невроза к счастью'

R 26.4.2019 19:00
Forum Cinemas
30.50 - 60.50
 “About relationships: from neurosis to happiness”
Why do some people have severe neurotic relationships, scandals, reproaches, aggression, misunderstanding, dependence, silence, tears, a feeling of loneliness ... or is there no relationship at all for a long time, while others are happy and loved?
We will talk about this and many other issues in a public consultation.
The direction of the conversation and its turns will depend on your questions. It is better to prepare written questions in advance.

Mikhail Labkovskiy - first-class psychologist with 30 years of professional experience and 20 years of experience in live radio and television broadcast. It is the experience of instantaneous response to the question, and the ability to determine a diagnosis without long hours of attendance. This allowed many people to alter life for the better.
His programmes always show the highest ratings, and his lectures in Moscow and London are always sold out.
Mikhail Labkovskiy unfixed with his performances all visions of psychologists and lectures. To call these lectures as public consultations would be more correct. This unique genre does not imply lecturer’s monologues, canonical text and homework.
This mostly looks like a masterful simultaneous play when the psychologist advises one patient after another. This is always a brilliant improvisation, accurate intrusion into the logic of the moment, humor, numerous real-world example examples, including those of his own life and the life of the stars... and everything becomes clear! About them and about himself.
Labkovskiy refuses to speak “in theory”, and prefers to give practical advice. And advice is always suitable for your situation. He is not reasoning for a long time, even concerning the topic of the lecture, but answers the questions. Furthermore, he puts forward the questions to the listeners. And these are the questions which make people understand the essence of their problems and how to deal with them.
Michael Labkovskiy’s method is good because it allows solving long-standing personal and family problems without “surgical” intervention. It allows people to change themselves, not breaking their characters. It allows people to acquire a taste of life - without large capital investments.
Labkovskiy himself is wonderful by the fact that he lives in strict accordance with his own rule “not to do what he does not want”, and enjoys his life. Once the situation was different, and he does not hide that. He says straight out: “When I took the path of improvement...” The personality of the psychologist is a vivid example of how can we live and what can we achieve if we cope with our complexes.


Practicing psychologist with 30 years of experience, and 20 years of experience in live radio and television broadcast. He was born in Moscow, enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology with a view to solve his own problems, learned to solve them, and realized that it was possible to earn with such knowledge. He was a teacher and school psychologist, including the famous school (currently 1543), about which Sergey Solovyov made a movie “Tender Age”. He lived, studied and worked in Israel.
He got there a second degree in psychology. In Jerusalem, he was engaged in the talks between spouses who got divorced and thus divided the children and property (specialty - Family Mediation Service - Mediator). In the city administration of Jerusalem, he provided assistance as the psychologist to the difficult teenagers. In addition, he worked as a private psychologist.
He is offering counselling in Moscow, and practicing individual, group and family therapy. We has been on the air with the programme “For Adults about Adults” at the radio station “Echo of Moscow” («Эхо Москвы») for eight years. Currently he is on air with the programme “Rules of Life” («Правила жизни») (channel “Culture” («Культура»)) and on the radio “Capital” («Столица») (programme “Misha + Katya” («Миша+Катя»)), telling about the relationship with parents and children, about love to yourself, dependences, jealousy, self-esteem...
He is absolutely sure that we should enjoy our lives; and to achieve that we only need to do what we want and need not to do what we do not want! That is his life.

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Mihails Labkovskis 'Par attiecībām: no neirozes līdz laimei'/'Про отношения: от невроза к счастью' R 26.4.2019 19:00 Forum Cinemas 30.50 - 60.50
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