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Multimediāla deju lielizrāde ABAS MALAS

L 17.11.2018 18:00 - E 19.11.2018 20:00
8.30 - 39.10
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Dance show “Both Edges”

Music and dance meet contemporary art technologies, creating an opportunity to experience story of Latvia in an unprecedented light. Every visual expression element of the dance show - choreography, stage design, lighting, TV camera work and projections - is created as one single entity. The creation of a spatial illusion, dance complementation with thematic large-scale illustrations are just some of the elements that bring observer’s of the dance show adventure to another level. It is not a lesson in History, but a personal experience and an opportunity to be a significant part of the show "Both Edges" by being an observer. This is a hundred-year-old story about us – the people of Latvia - and our land in the veins of which Daugava – the river of time – flows. On a 2000 sq. meters large art projection stage created especially for our centenary celebration more than 450 ballet, contemporary and folk dancers are going to show the history of Latvia through dance.

Director, artistic manager – Juris Jonelis
Director, projection, visual video material director – Roberts Rubīns
Assistant of the director and artistic manager – Kristīne Freiberga
Stage designer – Didzis Jaunzems
Author of the libretto – Rasa Bugavičute - Pēce
Composers, music – Andris Sējāns, Reinis Sējāns, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Choreography – Dace Adviljone (folk-dance), Liene Grava (contemporary dance), Raimonds Martinovs (ballet, modern, sport dance)
Assistants of the choreographers - Gints Baumanis (folk-dance), Reinis Rešetins (contemporary dance), Andris Pudāns (ballet, modern, sport dance)
Multi-media artist – Māris Kalve
Costume designer – Jolanta Rimkute
Animation, mapping engineer – Vilis Bērziņš
Literary-, music-consultants – Raimonds Briedis, Orests Silabriedis
Producer – Daiga Livčāne
Associate producer – Monta Brūvere
Marketing, communication – Kaspars Eglītis
Marketing, PR – Lelde Kristiāna Vozņesenska, Gunta Kursiša
Operator – Rinalds Zelts
Sound recording – Kārlis Drukteins

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