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Charles Gounod' ooper ''Faust''

Ke 14.8.2019 19:00
26.10 - 150.50
Birgitta Festival 2019

Birgitta festival originates from Eri Klas's idea; in the year of 2019 we celebrate Klas's 80th birth anniversary. Having been under his artistic guidance, Birgitta festival has become one of the biggest musical theatre festival in the Baltic Sea countries. Now that Eri Klas has passed away and the festival takes place already for 15th time, the maestro's sempiternal spirit is still present between the walls of Pirita Convent in summer nights.

Among his numerous positions, Eri Klas was the artistic director of Estonian National Opera, conductor at the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, worked together with ballet maestro John Neumeier at Hamburg State Opera, and the principal conductor of Royal Swedish Opera and The Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow. Klas conducted more than 100 orchestras all around the world, including the most prominent ones; he covered all possible musical genres, worked together with top soloists and recorded hundreds of musical performances. His professional heritage is undoubtedly immense.

Eri Klas's artistic career was extraordinary – he was a vivid example of a musician who managed to succeed in countless creative projects. Klas was able to achieve top results both at a very young age as well as at old age, being widely known in the East and the West – the fact, that in itself was a miracle during the era of Cold War that coincided with the peak period of his professional career.

A miracle is born out of the love for music. All this is echoing along in the warm summer evenings by River Pirita in August 2019 when the audience is gathering and the clouds are drifting towards eternity.
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Charles Gounod' ooper ''Faust'' Ke 14.8.2019 19:00 PIRITA KLOOSTRI VAREMED 26.10 - 150.50
NB! Tickets at discount price -20% will be sold during December 9, 2019 to February 10, 2019. The ticket sales will start on December 9th!
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