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Mustika mängumaa kinkekaart

Mustika Mängumaa
20.00 - 50.00

Mustika Mängumaa is a spacious, colorful and joyful playroom with many forms of entertainment, located in Mustika Shopping Center, Mustamäe. We have refurbished our playroom with all our care and love. Children can safely play in a climbing area, jump on a trampoline, slide into the playground balls, ride machines on the floor, play with Lego blocks and have fun with Playmobil kits that both boys and girls will adore. "Little mommies" can coddle their dolls and pretend play cooking with kitchen playset. There is a separate play area for younger children with age-appropriate toys. Parents who want to stay in the playroom with their children can buy coffee or soft drinks as well as some small snacks. Gift your child the most wonderful day!

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Mustika mängumaa kinkekaart Mustika Mängumaa 20.00 - 50.00
Kinkekaardid summas 20€, 30€ ja 50€
Kehtivus 12 kuud
Mustika kaubanduskeskus, Karjavälja 4
Mustika Mängumaa
Karjavälja 4 Tallinn Viro
Lorents Machine Learning OÜ
Briisi tee 6 Harku vald Harjumaa
53 74 7070
Reg No: 14644043