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Rõivabrändi Zack Marqués kinkekaart

Erika 14, Tallinn
50.00 - 100.00

ZACK MARQUÈS is the perfect man in your wardrobe.

Not that creepy skeleton-one, but someone who will make you feel beautiful, boost your confidence and never argue with you. His a bit mysterious guy. Most of his ideas come from out of space - you can never be sure what falls down from it. Zack likes to explore people around him - their facial expressions, behaviour, stride, sense of taste etc. That is what’s most interesting and inspireing. 

Zack is not some salesman from Spain (i know, his name is confusing), but pure Estonian design and production. Perhaps you met a cool guy after a really bad breakup, or lost ten pounds and want to show it off. Well, dear, Zack has 3 words to tell you – ZACK IT UP! You’ll look gorgeous!
You can’t find him on Tinder (well, he’s in a relationship right now - seems serious), but feel free to:
Purchased giftcard is valid in Zack ’s studio.
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Rõivabrändi Zack Marqués kinkekaart Erika 14, Tallinn 50.00 - 100.00
Erika street 14, Tallinn, Estonia.
Erika 14, Tallinn
Erika 14 Tallinn Viro
Kloth OÜ
Paju 20-52 Võru Võrumaa
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