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American Beauty Car Show 2022 (10.07-11.07.20 ja 09.07-10.07.21 asendus)

Pe 15.7.2022 19:00 - La 16.7.2022 23:59
Haapsalu Piiskopilinnus
10.90 - 45.90

9.-11.07.2021 HAAPSALU , ESTONIA

American Beauty Car Show is an international event that is directed to american cars and culture lovers since 2001. American Beauty Car Show is one of the most unique car events in nearby countries for it’s location and concept. The event consists of car exhibition, reunion, drag race, glorious american car cruising through the city and of course entertainment by local and international bands. Car exhibition and concerts are held in a very unique place, which is a historic medieval bishop’s castle. The event has grown in years and takes over almost whole Haapsalu old town. During the car show weekend Haapsalu old town is only open for american vechicles, creating an american atmosphere.

If every american vehicle is welcomed to the tenting area no matter of the car’s condition or year, then to the exhibition only the cars with organisers approval are allowed. There are around 100 exhibition cars, you can see classics, customs, hot rods, muscle – and sport-cars. There are vechicles from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

The music focus is on rock, rockabilly, blues and country – therefore all the music that is from America or has an american flavour to it. The goal is to get more and more artists from America, who you can see and hear only in American Beauty Car Show.

American Beauty Car Show is an event for the whole family, where grown ups and family’s smallest members have a great time. Besides the car exhibition, music and food, grown ups can find themselves shopping, go to the barbershop or have a tattoo. Ladies can dive into the pin up world with dresses, make up, hair-dues and photo shoots. Children can have fun on the playground with trampolines, face painting and other activities.

More information: https://www.american.ee/en/abcs-2/2020-2/information/

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American Beauty Car Show 2022 (10.07-11.07.20 ja 09.07-10.07.21 asendus) Pe 15.7.2022 19:00 Haapsalu Piiskopilinnus 10.90 - 45.90
Esimesed 300 festivali passi 35 €,
nende lõppedes kuni 29.02.20 (k.a.) 39 €
NB! Ostmisel valida esmalt odavam hind, kallim hind ei sisalda lisaväärtusi.
Lastele vanuses 7-14a (k.a.) 10 €

Hinnad alates 01.03.20:
Festivali pass 45 €
Lastele vanuses 7-14a (k.a.) k.a. 10 €
Piletilevist ostetud pass kehtib kuupäevadel 15.07.22 - 16.07.22
Lastele vanuses kuni 6 eluaastat (k.a) on sissepääs tasuta

Haapsalu Piiskopilinnus
Lossiplats 3 Haapsalu Läänemaa Viro
Tapahtuman järjestäjä
American Beauty OÜ
Läike tee põik 2 Peetri küla, Rae vald 75312 Harjumaa
Reg No: 10636928