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Karlsson katuselt, muusikal / Vanemuise teatris

Pe 12.4.2019 19:00
Teater Vanemuine, suur maja, Tartu
15.50 - 25.50
Musical based on Astrid Lindgren’s novel of the same name

Music by Tauno Aints, libretto by Wimberg
World premiere on 6 November, 2015 at the Estonian National Opera

Suitable age: 7+
Approx running time 2 h 45 min, one intermission
Performed in Estonian with subtitles in Estonian and English

Conductors: Kaspar Mänd, Lauri Sirp
Stage Director: Ain Mäeots
Designer: Iir Hermeliin
Choreographer: Andre Laine
Co-Choreographer: Hedi Pundonen
Lighting Designer: Priidu Adlas

Karlsson is a handsome, thoroughly clever, perfectly plump man in his prime. He lives on the roof behind a chimney, he has a propeller on his back and there is a sign on his door: “Karlsson on the roof. The world’s best Karlsson”. And no one can debate that! Stage Director Ain Mäeots: “”Karlsson on the roof” at the Estonian National Opera is based on everything that a Karlsson is about: here is a nice and a slightly lonely little boy, who is called the Smidge. This is the playground for Miss Bock and the scallywags Cosh and Ruffy, this is where mummies are made and of course – where they fly about the rooftops of Vasa. This is a story of a boy, who wishes for something or somebody absolutely special in his life and this is exactly what he gets: the world’s best Karlsson!”

The librettist Wimberg and composer Tauno Aints have turned Astrid Lindgren’s beloved children’s story into a funny and warm musical that has been spiced up by stage director Ain Mäeots. Hi-ho! See you at the theatre!

Presented by arrangement with Nordiska ApS – Copenhagen and the Estonian Theatre Agency
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Karlsson katuselt, muusikal / Vanemuise teatris Pe 12.4.2019 19:00 Teater Vanemuine, suur maja, Tartu 15.50 - 25.50
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