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Playoff Arena Kinkekaart

Izklaides un futbola halle Playoff Arena
Have a great time in the most modern football and entertainment hall in the Baltics, Playoff Arena, not only playing football, but also enjoying more than 100 different games in the entertainment zone for free!
Playoff Arena provides all the necessary equipment free of charge for football training and playing.
This will be a great entertainment - both young footballers and amateurs, and simply sports families and friends who love active lifestyle!
More than 100 other games, including table hockey and football, klask and xbox in the additional entertainment area, are provided free of charge to all visitors to the football pitch. For families, friends, co-workers - this will be a great holiday for anyone who wants to spend time in a good company and have fun in safe conditions. We remind you that to relax in such a unique playground in the Baltics, you will not need special skills - just good company and mood!

Tapahtuman verkkosivu: http://www.playoff.lv

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Tapahtuma Päivä / Aika Tapahtumapaikka Hinta  
Playoff Arena Kinkekaart Ti 31.1.2023 19:00 Izklaides un futbola halle Playoff Arena 15.90
Playoff Arena can be attended only with a valid Covid-19 certificate!
Entrance for 2 people-15 euro / 1h
Age limit to the event: no age limit
Free entrance to the event: no
Doors open: Weekdays until 18: 00, booking time in advance!
Event length: ~1h
Location for the disabled in a wheelchair: yes
Discounts for the disabled in a wheelchair: no
Izklaides un futbola halle Playoff Arena
Kauguru iela 6 Rīga Latvia
Playoff SIA
Playoff SIA
Kauguru iela 6, LV-1046 Rīga,
Reg No: 50203072151