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La 3.8.2019 18:00
Rummu karjäär, Vasalemma
12.50 - 17.50
For years there have been voices coming from the prison next to the blue lagoon.
Sometimes it sounds like singing..
Sometimes it sounds like a motorcycle..
Everybody hears it but nobody has seen it. They say that it is Mad Max, the last prisoner in Rummu who was left there..
Rummu Rock is coming again on 3th august with it´s last prisoner Mad Max! For the first time Rummu will bring you Rat Rod and Mad Max car show and Rat Bikes show.
Music is brought to you by Terminaator, Smilers and Revals!
Gates 18.00
Tickets are sold in Piletilevi and on the day of the event on site.
Event reminder:
- Ticket is valid for single entry only
- Identification is needed for discount tickets
- Your own food and drinks are not allowed on the event
- It´s strictly forbidden to bring any dangerous and sharp objects to the event
- A wristband is required to re-enter the event. Wristbands are sold in Saku tents.
- Please don´ t break or remove your wristband. Broken wristband is not valid for entry.
-  Tickets are not refundable
* Organizer has the right to make changes to the program!
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RUMMU ROCK 2019 La 3.8.2019 18:00 Rummu karjäär, Vasalemma 12.50 - 17.50
Kuni 31.05.19 (k.a.)
Täispilet 12 €
Laps 8-12a. (k.a.) 8 €
Erivajadustega kliendi saatja 10 €
Alates 01.06 kuni 30.06.19 (k.a.)
Täispilet 15 €
Laps 8-12a. (k.a.) 10 €
Erivajadustega kliendi saatja 12 €
Alates 01.07 kuni 31.07.19 (k.a.)
Täispilet 17 €
Laps 8-12a. (k.a.) 12 €
Erivajadustega kliendi saatja 12 €
Alates 01.08.19
Täispilet 20 €
Laps 8-12a. (k.a.) 15 €
Erivajadustega kliendi saatja 15 €
Lapsed, vanuses kuni 7 aastat (k.a.) saavad sisse tasuta.
Erivajadustega kliendid saavad sisse tasuta.
Väravad avatakse kell 18:00.
Tegu on vabas õhus toimuva üritusega!
Rummu karjäär, Vasalemma
Vasalemma vald Viro
Tapahtuman järjestäjä
Lepiku põik 4-2 Peetri Harjumaa
Reg No: 14446277