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Wagwan Music Festival 2021 (07.08.2020 asendus)

Pe 9.7.2021 17:00
Tallinna lauluväljak
21.40 - 92.20
The Wagwan festival guarantees that at least one night in August will be mega hot! On the 7th of August we will bring to the Song Festival grounds a list of hot hip-hop and reggae musicians - you will see one of the world's most famous beatbox performers, Dub FX, dance music presenter Sak Noel, the favourite for the Russian audience, Zombi and many hot Estonian hip-hop performers!
One of the world's most exciting live artists, DUB FX, has just released his fifth album "Roots", with an accompanying comic book. DUB FX, who is of Australian origin, started as a street musician, is still an independent musician and one of the most demanded performers at festivals, whereas his performance videos were among the first that went viral on social media 15 years ago. Using only his voice and looper to create wonders, the musician claims that he has taken a creative step forward with his last album by recording all the guitar tricks, programming the drum and bass plays and involved other great musicians! DUB FX has previously also visited Estonia, giving a sold out concert in the Creative Hub last year.
The DJ and producer originally from Catalonia that resides in Los Angeles, Sak Noel, is one of the world's most renowned reggae DJ, combining Latin rhythms and electronic dance music. With the hit "Loca people", the man became the first Spanish DJ to take the lead position in rankings in 15 countries, which led to cooperation with such stars as Pitbull, Sean Paul, Major Lazer, etc.
Sak Noel & Salvi ft. Sean Paul - Trumpets (Official Video) with over 160 million viewings
The fans of hip-hop and dance music of Russian origin can this time enjoy Zombi, who has been active on the scene and rankings for 5 years. The hits written by the 34 year old independent singer and producer from Altai are well known in the club scene and have been listened to hundreds of millions of times on YouTube.
#ДелаемФлекс over 100 million viewings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW6LuHPDNAY
The fans of D´n´B music, instead are waiting for Roni Size to come on stage, who has been on the honourable list of main performers for more than 20 years at the top clubs and festivals. In addition to the foreign players of course, the local hot hip-hop boys will be performing, such as Arop, Pluuto, as well as Clicherik & Mäx, who have just released a new single with Reket.
Listen to Clicherik & Mäx - “Ära tuusa” feat. Reket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_O10y8GalQ&feature=emb_logo
The Wagwan Festival which took place for the first time, in 2018 in Tallinn, combines fans of music, with hip-hop and reggae influences and brings for the third summer, famous performers of the genre, from all over the world to Tallinn. At last summer’s event the main performer was Miyagi & Andy Panda, which performed on the main stage, at the Song Festival Grounds to an audience of close to 5 000 people.
Wagwan means "What is going on?" or "WAZ UP?" in Patwa slang. 
Website: Www.wagwan.ee  
Instagram: /wagwan_tallinn
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Wagwan Music Festival 2021 (07.08.2020 asendus) Pe 9.7.2021 17:00 Tallinna lauluväljak 21.40 - 92.20
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